POTUS POTENTIALS: Better Luck Next Time

AUTHOR’S UPDATE: For those of you following this blog, I extend my apologies for the lapse in posting and thank you for your continued interest. Since my previous post, like many of us, I have been adhering to shelter-in-place orders as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. When this first began, I mentioned to a friend to expect 200,000+ deaths in the U.S. before it was over. I vowed to avoid the news while in isolation, not needing to hear the ticking daily death toll. Stay at home and wait it out. Living within spitting distance of the San Andreas Fault, I already had an earthquake preparedness kit in place.

Now surpassing 160,000 deaths, society is nearly at a standstill, businesses large and small closing forever, and millions confined to working at home, if they still have a job. Those dependent on charity and government assistance face an eviction crisis while homeless encampments and living in cars and RVs become the norm. Ensuing civil unrest continues as an understandable reaction to the fear and uncertainty. Not confined to the United States, hardly anywhere on the planet is untouched by the pandemic, while mass protests for a variety of social and political issues erupt in dozens of countries. None of it going away anytime soon. It’s all very scary.

To avoid dwelling on the obvious endless bad news, I tend to be a glass half full type of guy. I wrote in my research, a 2004 book Number Synchronicity, and have repeated numerous times since, that the appearance of master numbers is akin to a lighthouse in a storm providing guidance and comfort during times of chaos, transition, and uncertainty. Could that be now?

Those familiar with my research, or following this blog, know that this information is so much bigger than the U.S. presidential election, even though the title includes “election-year guide”. Indeed, this concerns the very evolution of our consciousness. Simply put, actions and choices we make during this pivotal year of 2020 (a unique master number year) will determine if we evolve or devolve as a society and species. I expected long ago that this year would witness some type of catastrophic event, not knowing if I would be alive to witness it.

You may have seen or heard about Comet NEOWISE that recently passed by Earth. In ancient times, such an astronomical spectacle would be interpreted as a powerful omen. Not that a comet gives a hoot about Earthlings and our petty politics or health issues. The last time NEOWISE made a pass 7,000+ years ago, humanity’s first civilization in Mesopotamia’s Fertile Crescent had not yet come into being. During this flyby of the comet, three different countries launched spacecraft to our neighboring planet. How far we’ve come. When NEOWISE returns 7,000 years in the future, imagine how much further along we may be, assuming we make the right decisions to avert self-extinction.

Posts in the coming days continue a nonpartisan “thinking outside the box” look at the 2020 election. The really interesting stuff is yet to come.

One quick point for anyone who may be unclear: Here the term master is defined as having or showing very great skill or proficiency or to acquire complete knowledge of, overcome the difficulties of, learn so as to be able to apply or use (from etymonline.com). In this context, it has nothing to do with slavery or indentured servitude.

Picking up where we left off…

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This post reviews leading Democratic candidates appearing in some of the televised debates. They withdrew during the primaries, eventually endorsing Biden as their party nominee: Sanders, Warren, Bloomberg, Gabbard, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Steyer, Patrick, Bennet, and Yang.

The battle to retake the White House began shortly after the election of POTUS 45, indeed within days following the 2016 election.

Fast forward to the Democratic debates with unprecedented gender and racial diversity. As the debates dragged on, the list of contenders became shorter. Some among this group of Top 10 runners-up have tried before, others made a vigorous first attempt.

Short of being Biden’s running mate and his early demise, the only hope these POTUS Potentials have of becoming president is to run in 2024 or 2028. If so, better luck next time.

Who among them presents a numerical fingerprint worthy of being POTUS? Who among them should continue their pursuit, and who should give it up already? Poll numbers and the media may say one thing. The numerical fingerprints reveal something more reliable and not subject to bias, manipulation, and margins of error — their true nature and potential.

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Bernard Sanders

DATE OF BIRTH: September 8, 1941 = 9+8+1+9+4+1= 32/ 5
  • 9+8+1+9+4+1 = 32/5
  • 9+8+1941 = 1958 = 1+9+5+8 = 23/5
  • 9+8+15 = 32/5
  • 9+8+6 = 23/5
  • BIRTH DATE = 5
  • VOWELS = 12/3
  • CONSONANTS = 130/4
  • FIRST NAME = 62/8 (full); 35/8 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = None
  • LAST NAME = 80/8 (full); 26/8 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (14 letters) = 142/7 (full); 16/7 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four each of 1 and 5; three 9s, two 4s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = only one 2; missing 3, 6, 7, 8

“Better Luck Next Time” are probably not comforting words to this U.S. Representative (1991-2007) and Senator (2007-present) from Vermont who has come close to being the party nominee and lost, twice. At his current age of 78, he’s the oldest among the POTUS Potentials and unlikely to have a next time. As with Biden, Sanders has represented one of the smallest states in the country for three decades. Vermont ranks 45th by square miles and 51st by population (beat out by D.C. and Puerto Rico) with Wyoming being the only state less populated. The question that comes to mind is how can someone who has been a career politician for a tiny slice of the electorate consider themselves qualified to lead the country? Perhaps his numerical fingerprint will reveal hidden talents and passion.

If you add the numbers in the date of birth, the Birth Date Total is a 5, considered the number for freedom and change. If he would have been successful in the 2016 election, he would have celebrated his 77th birthday in office. There is nothing from a numerology perspective that is outstanding.

There are also 14 letters in the name (14/5), and five is among the most common, represented by two Es and two N, suggesting peace and freedom as a primary motivation. The other most common number is 1, found in two As and two Ss. With only one 2 (B) and a complete absence of 3s, 6s, 7s, and 8s suggests multiple areas of weakness or karmic lessons needing attention. The Birth Year (6), Full Name (7), First Name (8) and Last Name (8) may balance out these deficiencies. My research did not reveal any evidence of a middle name, leaving this candidate with the unfortunate initials of B.S. which total 21 (2+19=21/3). This numerical fingerprint presents a complete absence of master numbers.

Similar to Biden’s numerical fingerprint reviewed in the prior post, a Last Name total of 8 reflects a career politician. The Bernie Bros can relax knowing that the First Name total is the same whether using Bernard (62/8) or Bernie (53/8) as “Bernard Bros” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as smoothly. Since the First Name total is the same whether using Bernard or Bernie, a subtle shift in the vowel and consonant totals occurs, but the Full Name total of 7 remains the same.

As Bernie, the vowels lose the A (1) and gain an I (9) and E (5) causing an increase of 13 in the Vowels total from 12/3 to 25/7. Similarly, Consonants lose the R (18) and D (4) and gain no new consonants resulting in a decrease of 22, changing the Consonant total from 130/4 to 108/9. Adding vowels (25) and consonants (108) produces a Full Name total of 133/7; or using the reduced sums, Vowels (7) and Consonants (9) equals 16/7.

Overall, this numerical fingerprint does not offer strong numbers or patterns indicative of POTUS material, reveals more weaknesses than strengths, and is devoid of any master numbers. This was the case in 2016 and, since his date of birth and given name cannot change, the numerical fingerprint reveals the same now.

Elizabeth Ann Herring

DATE OF BIRTH: June 22, 1949 = 6+2+2+1+9+4+9 = 33
  • 6+2+2+1+9+4+9 = 33
  • 6+22+1949 = 1977 = 1+9+7+7 = 24/6 or
  • Birth Year 1949 = 1+9+4+9 = 23/5
  • 6+22+23 = 51/6
  • 6+22+5 = 33
  • 6+4+5 = 15/6
  • BIRTH DATE = 33 or 6
  • VOWELS (birth) = 35/8; (married) = 27/9
  • CONSONANTS (birth) = 161/8; (married) = 169/16/7
  • FIRST NAME = 88 (full); 43/7 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 29/11 (full); 11 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME (birth) = 79/16/7 (full); 52/7 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME (married) = 79/16/7 (full); 34/7 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (Same for birth and married) = 196/16/7 (full); 16/7 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = nine 5s; six 9s; three each of 1 and 8; and two 2s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one each of 3 and 7; with 4s and 6s missing

This U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (2013-present) skyrocketed to the front of the pack during the debates. She was, for a moment, considered a potential Vice-POTUS prospect. Similar to Biden and Sanders, this candidate has also governed a small district but not for multiple decades. What does the numerical fingerprint reveal about her potential as POTUS material, either as a running mate or future election?

The Birth Date in this numerical fingerprint offers interesting insight. There is the Birth Day of the 22nd, a master number. This is often a good sign for those in leadership positions. Additionally, depending on whether you keep the 22 together, or reduce before adding, the Birth Date total will be either a 6 or 33, another master number.

This numerical fingerprint presents additional complexity and further levels of interpretation due to the name change from Herring to Warren. Ideally, we look at the name given at birth which indicates potential and tendencies. As is often the case with married women, name changes are taken into consideration to get an idea of how that person has taken on the challenges presented at birth and used that for personal progress. It becomes necessary to look at both to understand what, if any, significance results in such a name change.

Different than Joseph going by Joe, or Bernard going by Bernie, here we see a change in the last name. In marriage, we see sometimes how names are joined with a hyphen. In this case, Warren replaced Herring.

Interestingly, as with Bernard and Bernie having the same totals, Warren and Herring both equal a 7. In the case of Herring it is 79/16/7 (full) or 52/7 (reduced), whereas Warren is 79/16/7 (full) and 34/7 (reduced). Both names have two Rs, and one each of E and N. In the name change from Herring to Warren, the Vowels are reduced by 8 with the loss of I (9) replaced by A (1). Consonants gain 8 with the loss of H (8) and G (7) replaced by W (23). It all balances out to be the same Full Name total. This might suggest that her potential, desires, and tendencies have remained steady.

Although the last name has changed, the first name remains the same and has not been shortened to Liz, Lizzy, Beth or any nickname. The First Name total 88 represents another significant master number. Although she does not use the name Ann regularly or in campaign material, presumably the middle name of Ann is still part of her birth name, and probably her legal name. The Middle Name total is 29/11 (full) or 11 (reduced), yet another master number. Omitting the Middle Name, the Full Name total is 167/14/5. Her campaign logo used only Last Name. From a numerology perspective, it would have been a more powerful logo with only First Name. If she would have been a little different and featured her First Name (88) and Middle Name (11) on the campaign logo, Elizabeth Ann would have provided doubly-whammy master numbers combined of 99.

Considering all the names together (including both Warren and Herring), this numerical fingerprint presents an incredible nine 5s, thanks to the numerous Ns and Es, and a W. There are also six 9s, represented by the Rs and Is. Thanks to the As, Hs, and a Z there are three each of 1s and 8s. The B, G, L, and T contribute two 2s and one each of 3 and 7. There is a complete absence of 4s and 6s. To compensate for this obvious deficiency, we find them hiding elsewhere with reduced total for Birth Day (4), reduced total for Birth Date (6), Birth Month (6), and 7s in the totals of both birth and married Last Names, First Name, Full Name, and Consonants. Nowhere else can 3s be found.

Master numbers appear in the Birth Date (33), Birth Day (22), First Name (88), and Middle Name (11). One inconsequential master number appears in the reduced Vowels (99) total using all names together including Herring and Warren. This numerical fingerprint reveals strong POTUS potential. She discontinued her campaign on March 5.

Michael Rubens Bloomberg

DATE OF BIRTH: February 14, 1942 = 2+1+4+1+9+4+2 = 23/5
  • 2+1+4+1+9+4+2 = 23/5
  • 2+14+1942 = 1958 = 1+9+5+8 = 23/5
  • 2+5+16 = 23/5
  • 2+5+7 = 14/5
  • BIRTH DATE = 5
  • VOWELS = 76/13/4 (full); 40/4 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 71/8 (full); 62/8 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 33 (full); 51/6 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 79/16/7 (full); 25/7 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 89/17/8 (full); 44 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (22 letters) = 147/12/3 (full); 48/12/3 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four each of 3s and 5s; three 2s and 9s; two of 1, 4, 6
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one 7 and 8; no missing numbers

This former Mayor of New York City (2002-2013) is a philanthropist and businessman with an estimated net worth of $60 billion. Mr. Bloomberg joined the party late in the game, much to the consternation of candidates who had been at it for months.

During the 2008 presidential election cycle, Bloomberg was rumored to be contemplating a run as an Independent. If he had done so and been elected, he would have been 66 years old, a strong master number for someone seeking to be POTUS 44. I compiled his numerical fingerprint in 2008 and discovered it to possess more POTUS potential than other top candidates Obama or Clinton. Since his name and date of birth have not changed, the numbers still hold up.

There are no master numbers that stand out in the Birth Date, however earlier this year Bloomberg celebrated his 77th birthday, the same age as Biden.

The most common numbers are four 3s (C, two Ls, U) and four 5s (three Es, N), which are also found as the Full Name (3), Birth Date (5), and Birth Day (1+4=5). The three 2s (B) and 9s (I, two Rs), and two each of 1s (A, S), 4s (M), and 6s (O) are also found among the Birth Month (2), Vowels (4), and reduced total of First Name (6). With only one each of 7 (G) and 8 (H) they do appear in the Middle Name (7), Birth Year (7), and full total of Last Name (8). There are no missing numbers.

When seeking out master numbers, they are aplenty. In addition to the current age of 77 mentioned earlier, the name contains 22 letters. Within that name, initials offer insight into how people approach situations.The initials in this numerical fingerprint, M (13), R (18), and B (2) total 33. Other master numbers appear in the First Name (33) and the reduced Last Name total (44). His campaign logo used both his first and last names, combining two master numbers. Such a combination is indicative of someone with great potential. I suppose if someone can be a successful businessman and mayor of the most populous city in the United States for three terms, that goes without saying. The presence of several master numbers may explain his ambition and success, and why he made it into this group of Top 10. This numerical fingerprint reflects someone with strong POTUS potential. He suspended his campaign on March 4.

Tulsi Gabbard

DATE OF BIRTH: April 12, 1981 = 4+1+2+1+9+8+1 = 26/8
  • 4+1+2+1+9+8+1 = 26/8
  • 4+12+1981 = 1997 = 1+9+9+7 = 26/8
  • 4+3+19 = 26/8
  • 4+3+1 = 8
  • BIRTH DATE = 8
  • VOWELS = 32/5 (full); 14/5 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 57/12/3 (full); 30/3 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 81/9 (full); 18/9 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 35/8 (full); 26/8 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (12 letters) = 89/17/8 (full); 44 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = three 1s and 2s; two 3s and 9s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one 4 and 7; there are no 5s, 6s, or 8s

This U.S. Representative from Hawaii (2013-present) is recognized as being the first Samoan-American voting member of Congress, the first female combat veteran to run for president, and the first Hindu member of Congress. At the age of 38 she was one of the youngest contenders to make it into the final debates, using only her first name as the campaign logo.

This numerical fingerprint reveals nothing particularly striking about the Birth Date. The most common numbers found are three 1s (As) and 2s (two Bs, T) with two each of 3s (L, U) and 9s (I, R). There is only one 4 (D) and 7 (G), with three missing numbers: 5, 6, 8. So many of these lacking or missing numbers could be attributed to having such a short name, and some do appear in the Birth Month (4), Birth Date (8), Last Name (8), and Full Name (8). Three each of 1s and 2s shows potential for leadership and diplomacy. Otherwise, a shortage of five numbers indicates multiple areas of weakness and room for growth.

Aside from the current age of 38 (3+8-11), the only appearance of a master number is in the reduced total of Full Name (44). This numerical fingerprint suggests someone with weak POTUS potential. She suspended her campaign on March 19,

Amy Jean Klobuchar

DATE OF BIRTH: May 25, 1960 = 5+2+5+1+9+6 = 28/10/1
  • 5+2+5+1+9+6 = 28/10/1
  • 5+25+1960 = 1990 = 1+9+9 = 19/10/1
  • 5+7+16 = 28/10/1
  • 5+7+7 = 19/10/1
  • BIRTH DATE = 1
  • VOWELS = 69/15/6 (full); 24/6 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 91/10/1 (full); 37/10/1 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 39/12/3 (full); 12/3 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 30/3 (full); 12/3 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 91/10/1 (full); 37/10/1 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (16 letters) = 160/7 (full); 61/7 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four 1s; three 3s; two each of 2 and 5
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one each of 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9; no missing numbers

This U.S. Senator from Minnesota (2007-present) used her first name only in the campaign logo of Amy for America.

The most common numbers in this numerical fingerprint are four 1s (three As, J). This is also the totals for Birth Date (1), Last Name (1), and Consonants (1). Many totals can result in a 1, here the Last Name and Consonants full sums are the same 91/10/1. The three 3s (C, L, U) all appear within the last name and can be found in the First Name (3) and Middle Name (3). Two each of 2s (B, K) and 5s (E, N) which is also the Birth Month (5). Five numbers appear only once: 4 (M), 6 (O), 7 (Y), 8 (H), and 9 (R) some of which can be found elsewhere, such as Vowels (6), Birth Day (2+5=7), Birth Year (1+9+6+0 = 16 + 1+6 =7), and Full Name (8), with 4s and 9s being more elusive. Good news: no missing numbers.

The only appearance of a master number is the initial K (11) found in the last name.

An abundance of 1s and 3s confirms the confidence and speaking ability demonstrated on the debate stage. However, this overall numerical fingerprint shows weak POTUS potential. The campaign was suspended on March 2.

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg

DATE OF BIRTH: January 19, 1982 = 1+1+9+1+9+8+2 = 31/4
  • 1+1+9+1+9+8+2 = 31/4
  • 1+19+1982 = 2002 = 2+2 = 4
  • 1+1+20 = 22/4
  • 1+1+2 = 4
  • BIRTH DATE = 4
  • VOWELS = 136/10/1 (full); 64/10/1 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 223/7 (full); 79/16/7 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 64/10/1 (full); 28/10/1 (reduced)
  • OTHER NAME (Paul) = 50/5 (full); 14/5 (reduced)
  • OTHER NAME (Montgomery) = 145/10/1 (full); 55 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 100/1 (full); 46/10/1 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (28 letters) = 359/17/8 (full); 143/8 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = six 7s; five 3s and 5s; four 9s; three 3s; two 4s and 6s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = only one 1; no 8s

This former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana (2012-2020) ran a popular campaign and performed well in the debates as the first openly gay candidate running for president. At age 38 (3+8=11), if elected, he would have been the youngest person to become president. POTUS 26 was 42 and POTUS 35 was 43. Nothing other than this is particularly remarkable about the Birth Date.

This numerical fingerprint has a large Full Name total (359) thanks to 28 letters in the name with several letters near the end of the alphabet, such as four Ts, two Us, and a Y with higher values. There are six 7s (three Gs, two Ps, and Y) and the Consonants total is 7. The five 2s (B, four Ts) and 5s (four Es, N) also appear as the Birth Year (2) and the name PAUL (5). Four 9s (Is and Rs) cannot be found elsewhere. The abundance of these numbers suggests talent and skill in many areas.

Having only one 1 (A) would often indicate weak leadership ability, but all of the following in this numerical fingerprint have a total of 1: First Name, Birth Day, Birth Month, Last Name, Vowels, and reduced total of MONTGOMERY which balances out that deficiency quite well. The absence of 8s might point to a lack of executive ability, which could be somewhat compensated for in the Last Name (8).

Similar to Sanders and Biden, this candidate used a shortened, friendlier version of his first name for the campaign logo. Interesting to note that PETER and PETE both have the same total. By dropping the last letter in PETER (16+5+20+5+18 = 64/10/1) we lose 18 and PETE would have a total of 46/10/1. Again, reminiscent of the Bernard to Bernie name change that resulted in the same total.

Master numbers in this numerical fingerprint are not easy to find, but do exist as with the current age of 38 (3+8 = 11). Adding the values for the initials: P (16) + P (16) + M (13) + B (2) = 47/11. The reduced total for MONTGOMERY reveals the master number 55.

This numerical fingerprint identifies modest POTUS potential. The campaign was suspended on March 1.

Thomas Fahr Steyer

DATE OF BIRTH: June 27, 1957 = 6+2+7+1+9+5+7 = 37/10/1
  • 6+2+7+1+9+5+7 = 37/10/1
  • 6+27+1957 = 1990 = 1+9+9 = 19/10/1
  • Birth Year = 1+9+5+7 = 22
  • 6+9+22 = 37/10/1
  • 6+9+4 = 19/1
  • BIRTH DATE = 1
  • VOWELS = 27/9 (full); 18/9 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 174/12/3 (full); 57/12/3 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 76/13/4 (full); 22 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 33 (full); 24/6 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 92/11 (full); 29/11 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (16 letters) = 201/3 (full); 12/3 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four 1s; two 2s, 5s, 6s, 8s, 9s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one each of 4 and 7, with no 3s

As another billionaire who made it to the final rounds on the debate stage, this candidate did not seem to get the same bashing from his rivals as Bloomberg received. He was able to spend his own money on campaign ads that seemed sincere and friendly.

The most common number in the name is four 1s (As, Ss) which is also the total for Birth Date (1). Otherwise it is evenly spread out with five numbers appearing twice: 2s (T), 5s (E), 6s (F, O), 8 (H), and 9 (R). With only one 4 (M) and 7 (Y), 3s are completely missing. To compensate for this, they can be found in Full Name (3), Consonants (3), First Name (4), and shortened First Name (3). this candidate used a shortened version of his birth name as his campaign logo. TOM has a total of 3: T (20) + O (15) + M (13) = 48/12/3.

This is a good place to recall that Y is often a vowel as was seen in the numerical fingerprints of Klobuchar and Buttigieg. In this case Y is considered a consonant.

At his current age of 63, had he been elected as president, he would have celebrated his 65th and 66th birthdays in office, both master numbers (6+5=11). Digging a little deeper, more master numbers start popping up: Birth Year (220, reduced total of First Name (22), Middle Name (33), and Last Name (11).

Having master numbers in all three names is rare and may be a strong indication of someone with the potential for mastery and the ability to operate on a higher levels. This indicates strong POTUS potential. The campaign was suspended on February 29.

Deval Laurdine Patrick

DATE OF BIRTH: July 31, 1956 = 7+3+1+1+9+5+6 = 59/14/5
  • 7+3+1+1+9+5+6 = 59/14/5
  • 7+31+1956 = 1994 = 1+9+9+4 = 23/5
  • 7+4+21 = 32/5
  • 7+4+3 = 14/5
  • BIRTH DATE = 5
  • VOWELS = 52/7 (full); 34/7 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 154/10/1 (full); 55 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 44 (full); 17/8 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 84/12/3 (full); 39/12/3 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 78/15/6 (full); 33 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (20 letters) = 206/8 (full); 89/17/8 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four 2s and 9s; three 1s, 4s, and 5s; and two 2s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one 7, with 6s and 8s missing

This former Governor of Massachusetts (2007-2015) had an understated precense on the debate stage and was quite likely underestimated. Similar to Steyer, Patrick was age 63 during the campaign and recently turned 64. If elected as president, he too would have celebrated his 65th and 66th birthdays in office. Otherwise, nothing stands out in the Birth Date.

Looking closer at the numerical fingerprint, the most common numbers are four 3s and 9s represented by C, L, U, I, and R, all possible letters with a value of 3 or 9. The Birth Year (3) and Middle Name (3) add to this strength. The three 1s, 4s, and 5s are represented by three As, two Ds and a V, and two Es and an N. Some of these show up as the Birth Day (3+1=4) and Birth Date (5). With two 2s (K, T) and one 7 (P), there are no 6s or 8s. To compensate for the lack of 7s is the Birth Month (7) and Vowels (7). Missing numbers appear as totals for Last Name (6) and Full Name (8).

As is often the case, clues remain to be discovered. The reduced total for Last Name (33) is the first sign of a hidden master number. Additionally, the K in PATRICK is the 11th letter of the alphabet. A more obvious master number is found in the unusual First Name of DEVAL with a total of 44, and it contains a V, the 22nd letter in the alphabet. Drilling down further, we find another hidden master number with the reduced total for Consonants (55). This candidate used both his First Name (44) and Last Name (33) as a campaign logo, offering double levels of mastery.

This numerical fingerprint points to someone with strong POTUS potential. The campaign was suspended on February 12.

Michael Farrand Bennet

DATE OF BIRTH: November 28, 1964 = 1+1+2+8+1+9+6+4 = 32/5
  • 1+1+2+8+1+9+6+4 = 32/5
  • 11+28+1964 = 2003 = 2+3 = 5
  • 11+10+20 = 41/5
  • 11+1+2 = 14/5
  • 2+1+2 = 5
  • BIRTH DATE = 5
  • VOWELS = 27/9 (full and reduced same)
  • CONSONANTS = 146/11 (full); 65/11 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 51/6 (full); 33 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 62/8 (full); 35/8 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 60/6 (full); 24/6 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (20 letters) = 173/11 (full); 74/11 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = six 5s; three 1s and 9s; two 2s, 3s, and 4s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one 6 and 8; no 7s

This U.S. Senator from Colorado (2009-present) was 55 years old during the debates. If he had been the party nominee and won the presidency would have been 56 (5+6=11) at inauguration. His Birth Date is a 5 and presents a master number with November being the 11th month.

With a Birth Date total of 5, that is also the most common number with three Es and three Ns, with four of these appearing in the Last Name alone. The campaign logo featured the Last Name only. The next most common numbers are 1 and 9 with three As, two Rs, and an I. There are two each of 2 (B, T), 3 (C, L), and 4 (D, M). The least common numbers are 6 (F) and 8 (H), with a complete absence of 7s. The uncommon numbers do appear as the Last Name (6) and Middle Name (8). The number 7 is not to be found anywhere in this numerical fingerprint.

Master numbers reveal themselves in several places including his age, Birth Month (11), Full Name (11), Consonants (11), and reduced total of First Name (33).

The numerical fingerprint reveals someone with strong POTUS potential. The campaign was suspended on February 11.

Andrew M Yang

DATE OF BIRTH: January 13, 1975 = 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27/9
  • 1+1+3+1+9+7+5 = 27/9
  • 1+13+1975 = 1989 = 1+9+8+9= 27/9
  • Birth Year 1+9+7+5 = 22
  • 1+4+22 = 27/9
  • 1+4+4 = 9
  • BIRTH DATE = 9
  • VOWELS = 30/3 (full); 12/3 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 95/14/5 (full); 41/5 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 65/11 (full); 29/11 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 47/11 (full); 20/2 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (11 letters) = 125/8 (full); 53/8 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four 5s; two each of 1, 4, 7
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one 9, with 2, 3, 6, and 8 completely missing.

This entrepreneur, attorney, and philanthropist, may have been the first of the Top 10 candidates to drop out, but during his campaign and the debates he presented a calm and rational demeanor seldom attacking his opponents. He presented unique plans such as a Universal Basic Income and ran with his campaign had several slogans along the way, and gained widespread support among voters referring to themselves as the Yang Gang. With a Birth Year total of 22 (1+9+7+5 = 22) his campaign was well underway during his 44th year. If he had been the Democratic party nominee and won the election, he would have celebrated his 47th birthday in office (4+7=11).

The most common number is 5 (E, two Ns, W) with Consonants (5) supplementing. The other most common numbers are two 1s (As), 4s (D and M), and 7s (G and Y), also found as Birth Month (1) and Birth Day (1+3=4). With only one 9 (R), 2s, 3s, 6s, and 8s are completely missing. Some of these missing numbers do show up in the Birth Date (9), Vowels (3) and Full Name (8), but 2s and 6s are notably absent everywhere. This name has both a W and Y, those sneak letters than can affect the totals for Vowels and Consonants. In this name, the W in ANDREW is a vowel, and the Y in YANG is a consonant.

At first glance, this numerical fingerprint may appear unimpressive and heavy on missing numbers. A closer look reveals the presence of several master numbers. Aside from his recent age of 44 and upcoming age of 47 (4+7=11), there is the First Name (11), Last Name (11), and Birth Year (22). There are 11 letters in his name. YANG was used as the campaign logo.

Although this candidate did not qualify for the January debate, he did participate in the February debate and suspended his campaign on February 11. This numerical fingerprint identifies someone with several areas of weakness, but overall strong POTUS potential.

That wraps up this batch of Democratic hopefuls who may have better luck next time. This cursory review clearly reveals several numerical fingerprints among this group with greater POTUS potential than the presumptive nominee. Did the party decide on the strongest candidate, from a numerology perspective not a political one? To borrow a relevant slogan from Andrew Yang, Make America Think Harder – MATH! It’s all about the math, not the politics.

Candidates who withdrew before the Iowa caucuses but remained on ballots (Delaney, Booker, Williamson, Castro, Harris, Bullock, and Sestak) and those who withdrew without appearing on ballots (Messam, O’Rourke, Ryan, de Blasio, Gillibrand, Inslee, Hickenlooper, Gravel, Swalwell, and Ojeda) not reviewed here at this time.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

This is part of a series entitled POTUS CODE: Election-Year Guide to Picking a President by the Numbers

POTUS POTENTIALS: Veep Time reviews numerical fingerprints of women rumored to be on Biden’s short list. The announcement is expected soon as journalists and political commentators speculate. I intend to finish within a couple of days, hopefully before the news breaks. We’ll see how Biden’s final decision reflects my findings.

POTUS POTENTIALS: Third-Party Time reviews nominees of third parties with ballot access to the greatest number of electoral votes.

With POTUS Present and POTUS Potentials reviewed, the final group examines numerical fingerprints of POTUS Past where pieces of the POTUS puzzle come together.

My reviews of the numerical fingerprints remain nonpartisan, unbiased, without regard to policies or personality. I could provide an analysis of what I think it means, but wish to avoid appearing critical, judgmental, or showing favoritism to influence one way or another. For your convenience, refer to common interpretations below, or seek out other sources. You may cross-reference any numbers you consider significant and arrive at your own conclusions.

For Reference

  • BIRTH DATE = Life Path to reveal opportunities, challenges, lessons
  • VOWELS = Heart’s Desire
  • CONSONANTS = Authentic Self
  • FIRST NAME = Personality
  • LAST NAME = Traits
  • FULL NAME TOTAL = Destiny or Expression
1confident leader
2cooperative diplomat
3expressive speaker
4honest worker
5freedom and change
6responsible humanitarian
7dignified educator
8ambitious executive
9compassionate philanthropist
11Signifies mastery over the physical plane, illumination, responsibility, mysticism, empathy, inspiration, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight. Some numerologists consider 11 to possess only negative characteristics, such as offensiveness and deviance. Chinese numerology relates 11 to the Tao, or the way of heaven. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 11 include: deception, delusion, instability, dishonesty, and confusion. Note that these numbers reduce to 11: 29 and 92, 38 and 83, 47 and 74, 56 and 65.
22Considered the “Master Architect” representing material mastery and the ability to manifest abstract ideas, innovation, intuition, detachment and objectivity, power, philanthropy and altruism, originality and invention, leadership and achievement. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 22 include: fanaticism, perversity, immorality and lawlessness, insensitivity, rebellion, cynicism, malevolence, destruction, cruelty, tyranny.
33Represents compassionate giving and selfless service to humanity, gentleness, and kindness. Negative traits include: callous, inhumane, selfish, malicious.
44In numerology, the number 44 often represents a confident leader, efficient, energetic, and ambitious. Negatively it can manifest as intolerance, abuse, self-destruction, and ignorance.
55Intelligent, skillful, talented, and active. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 55 include: foolish and slovenly.
66Cheerful and humorous. Negative: hateful, jealous, impatient.
77Charming, adventurous, clever, adaptable. Negative: perverse, self-indulgent.
88Successful, highly spiritual. Negative: dishonest, sarcastic, evil, ulterior motives.
99Generous, fulfilled, compassionate, loving, joyful. Negative: possessive, immoral, deceptive, unfulfilled, aimless.

A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9, J-10, K-11, L-12, M-13, N-14, O-15, P-16, Q-17, R-18, S-19, T-20, U-21, V-22, W-23, X-24, Y-25, Z-26

  • 1= A J S
  • 2 = B K T
  • 3 = C L U
  • 4 = D M V
  • 5 = E N W
  • 6 = F O X
  • 7 = G P Y
  • 8 = H Q Z
  • 9 = I R

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