Viewer discretion: the self-portrait gallery may contain nudity. Please don’t hate. I was born that way!

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Me as a kid (not self-portraits)

In case you’re wondering which one is me with Santa and the cub scouts, I’m the redhead smoking a candy cane.

Self-Portraits 1984-2014

When these images are displayed in gallery exhibits and publications, viewers consider them tasteful, surreal, thought-provoking, moving, and engaging.

My self-portrait series began in the early 1980s while attending the Art Institute of Houston. An assignment to take a self-portrait, develop the film and print an image in the darkroom, straightforward enough.

Other students presented flattering head shots suitable for a model’s portfolio. Some showcased action shots of themselves playing sports, music, or with their pet. My submission was critiqued as too risque and inappropriate for commercial photography. I missed that part of the assignment.

Like artists before me who served as their own subject, in addition to the world out there I turned the camera on myself to explore a four-decade spiritual and emotional journey that cannot be expressed with words. These days with the selfie craze, millions of people take and post a self-portrait. Some of my IG buddies post several each day! You know who you are.

None of these images were pre-conceived or planned, often coming about spontaneously while in nature. I am compelled to communicate the frailty of the human species among the world around us. Without modern conveniences of shoes, clothing, sunscreen, bottled water, a tent, sleeping bag, first-aid kit, food,

Photos from the early years after “art” school often coincided with times of transition or turmoil in my life.

Many of the early years are black-and-white, and more recent years have seen a color image from time to time.

More coming soon. Thanks for visiting.

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