Crazy Cat People

Whimsical color illustrations portray each chapter’s cat characters. 

Cat lovers (crazy or not) will laugh, learn and be comforted when reading CRAZY CAT PEOPLE: Through Feline Eyes. 

Be entertained by humorous short stories based on actual experiences at a cat hospital. Siam, the resident feline in charge, reports on crazy cat people visiting the vet as seen through his eyes. 

Learn something about cat behavior and care with VIVA! Very Important Vet Advice and useful life–saving tips from a real veterinarian.

Be comforted knowing you are not the only crazy cat person in the world!

Cat-themed quotes and quips sprinkled throughout.

Meet the cats of Crazy Cat People

Freddie, a yellow tabby with an unusual friend; Gato Roberto, a Japanese Bobtail who may be bobbed twice; a calico named Precious who refuses to take her medicine; an oversized Maine Coon called Macaroni who can’t get enough to eat; and Catalina, the talkative tortie. There’s Stinky and Dipstick, Amanda and Abner, Gus and Duke, an anonymous blind cat, flea-infested Fritz, Arnie Schwarzenkitty, Queen Neferkitty, and Winner of Best in Show.  Each whimsical cat character is based on a real cat’s visit to the vet with their crazy cat person.

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Meet the Vet

Veterinarian K. Kelly Jones holding a cat

Dr. K. Kelly Jones, DVM graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and acquired the Cat Hospital of Wichita in 1998. She has worked exclusively with cats ever since. In addition to her busy cat hospital, Dr. Jones lectures at universities, presents research at veterinary conventions, is recipient of numerous honors and awards related to her volunteer efforts, and quoted and interviewed in popular cat magazines. 

Meet the Illustrator

Illustrator Carlos Sandoval with two models wearing crazy cat people dresses

Carlos Sandoval, the illustrator of CRAZY CAT PEOPLE, also designed a line of crazy cat people dresses and swimwear. Here he is at a fashion show with models wearing the playful attire.

Fashion designer Carlos Sandoval wearing a Crazy Cat People shirt with cat eyes on the pant legs. On each side is a male model wearing cat-themed swimwear
Fashion show photos – copyright 2007 Raymond Tom

Official author photo – Crazy Cat People

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