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Archaeologist, Metaphysician, Photographer

Author of the nonfiction book Number Synchronicity and Election-Year Guide to Picking a President by the Numbers for the 2008 and 2012 US presidential elections.

POTUS CODE: Election-Year Guide to Picking a President by the Numbers

Take a nonpartisan journey along the highway of history with a secret map that reveals a hidden code.

Stop at key points from POTUS 1 to POTUS 45 to decipher their numerical fingerprints.

Follow the trail of numbers leading to where we are today.

Prepare for the 2020 election with clues pointing to who might be the best choice for POTUS 46.

Or will POTUS 45 serve another term?

Who am I and Why am I Here?

With studies in anthropology and metaphysics, I provide a rare balance between science and spirituality.

I began having odd experiences with numbers in the early 1980s while working in a wildlife refuge of all places. Trained to recognize patterns and find things overlooked by others, my scientifically-inclined mind simply observed and documented. Over the years, I collected a wealth of information and my research and findings have been published and presented at International Metaphysical Conventions. People around the world share with me their mystical and coincidental experiences with numbers.

Skeptical readers may be compelled to toss this into the waste bin of pseudo-science and declare it mystical hogwash. Whether you believe in numerology or know nothing about it, compelling evidence speaks for itself.

For the 2016 election, I began compiling information before the primaries, expecting to finish in time for the November election. Work and life got in the way and, although I worked on it as time allowed, publication did not occur as planned.

Numbers don’t lie, people lie about numbers

Author photo by Carlos Sandoval

When results of the US presidential election became known late on November 6, 2016, political scientists, pundits, pollsters, analysts, strategists, reporters, and journalists asked themselves how so many of them got it so wrong. 

The Answer is Simple: Statistics and poll numbers with margins of error subject to manipulation and interpretation.

Others around me seemed genuinely shocked and enraged. But the outcome was not a surprise whatsoever to someone such as myself who has been observing and reporting on a different set of numbers for decades.

Considering that many people accept all of those easily-manipulated numbers, the approach of applying the ancient science of numerology should not be that much of a stretch. If anything, it offers a relevant diversion without the division and deception.

Aside from archaeology, the variety of work I have performed includes supporting senior executives at high-profile law firms, the National Park Service, and a major museum. I have worked as a hospice caregiver and social work case manager, and pursued my interest in photography as a hobby. My research on the number phenomenon has been an ever-present quirky interest, but I was never really sure where it was going, if anywhere. With publication of Number Synchronicity in 2004, I was relieved to finally put it behind me. But it wasn’t that easy. The numbers kept appearing. I kept receiving requests to speak about it, and I continued to take notes about my observations.

The undeniable abundance of evidence points to 2020, and the U.S. presidential election, as a very auspicious time in which to make this information more widely available.

Meanwhile….an inherited retinal condition has left me with a field of vision between 5 and 10 degrees. Normal field of vision is between 170 and 190 degrees. Unfortunately, it became necessary to take early retirement from a very fulfilling and rewarding position at a museum. This recent transition presents a whole new set of challenges to perform the simplest activity. I’m clumsy, accident-prone, awkward, and slow. Not my usual active, fast, accurate, productive self. It has proven more daunting than I imagined to build and maintain a website and blog. No pity party. No excuses.

Author photo by Carlos Sandoval

After a lifetime depending on keen eyesight to find lost artifacts as an archaeologist, an eye for detail in demanding office work, and an artistic eye with photography, this naturally presents adjustments. I’ve also learned to slow down and focus on what is most important. For now, this blog is a priority.

After that, I hope to turn my attention to posting more photography.

In advance of the 2020 election, many personal and professional reasons obligate me to avoid dropping the ball as I did in 2016.

Many people familiar with me and my research will surely understand the significance of getting the first few posts up during this time between 2/11/2020 and 2/22/2020 and before the Super Tuesday primaries.

Plenty of time remains until the conventions.

The purpose and goal of this series of blog posts, POTUS CODE, is to prepare potential voters for the 2020 general election by taking a nonpartisan journey from POTUS 1 to POTUS 45. Follow a secret map and gather clues along the way that may reveal the most qualified candidates for POTUS 46, using nothing more than their numerical fingerprints.

With all of the hard work completed, I present the information free of judgment, rhetoric, and bias.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to anyone who follows my blog and reads or shares the dozen or so posts between now and the general election.

Similar to a lighthouse guiding ships in a storm, the appearance of certain numbers provides guidance and comfort during periods of chaos, transition, and uncertainty. As more people have these transformative experiences, it signals nothing less than the evolution of consciousness. Worldwide, number synchronicity stimulates spiritual awakening, growth, and enlightenment. 

lighthouse with rays of light in the darkness
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

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