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Tag: numerology

POTUS POTENTIALS: Better Luck Next Time

Short of being Biden’s running mate and his early demise, the only hope these POTUS Potentials have is to run in 2024 or 2028. If so, better luck next time. Who among them presents a numerical fingerprint worthy of being POTUS? Who among them should continue their pursuit, and who should give it up already? The poll numbers and the media may say one thing. Their numerical fingerprints reveal something more reliable and not subject to manipulation and margins of error — their true nature and potential.


This POTUS Potential shares something with Vice-President Pence featured in the previous post. The Senator from Delaware also lost his bid for the presidency to someone with less experience in politics and was chosen as a running mate.

MYSTERY POTUS: Waiting in the West Wing

With so much attention being focused on the Democratic Party debates and campaigns for the past six months, many people overlooked the obvious. Someone not even running for office has a better chance of becoming POTUS 46 than any of the candidates who spent hundreds of millions of dollars on failed campaigns.


Whether you love or loathe POTUS 45, analyzing his numerical fingerprint objectively without any knowledge of the person and his politics, or awareness that he is already president, the numbers generally point to someone born with the potential for leadership and great achievements. Closer examination reveals if this person possesses the necessary traits, qualities, and characteristics to handle the higher levels of obligation and responsibility.