The announcement of Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate, confirmed the results of her numerical fingerprint ranking her in the top tier. This contemporaneous example lends credibility to the numerology method utilized herein.

The race is on to defeat POTUS 45.

For millions of young people coming of age in the past four to eight years, and naturalized citizens voting for the first time, it may appear as if there are only two parties in this race: the Democrats and the Republicans. Many first-time voters, as well as longtime voters, may be disillusioned by the limited choices among the two parties with their mascots of Donkey and Elephant.

Meanwhile, voters are being prepared for the reality that no matter who wins there will be disputes, challenges, controversy, suspicion, and lawsuits, with the election being decided by the Supreme Court and protests and violence likely to follow.

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In order to maintain market share, the well-known rivals in the sugary beverage world, Coca Cola and PepsiCo, together spend upwards of $4 billion annually (about $1 million an hour) marketing two versions of the same thing. Bottles and cans of the cool, refreshing beverages are advertised and labeled as happiness, fun, love, and friendship. This corporate scenario resembles the political battlefield. For Democrats and Republicans to garner the largest market share (in this case votes), they spend even more money advertising their products. To be successful, they must position themselves as far apart from the competition as possible. This is accomplished by constantly promoting wedge issues involving abortion, immigration reform, police reform, and gun rights, rendering the rift even wider.

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At the recent Democratic National Convention with speakers appearing virtually – former POTUS 42 (Bill Clinton) characterized the election as Us versus Them. The Republicans wrapped up their convention pointing out the faults and evils of the other side with POTUS 45 declaring in his acceptance speech as the party nominee: So tonight, I say again to all Americans this is the most important election in the history of our country. There has never been such a difference between two parties, or two individuals, in ideology, philosophy, or vision than there is right now.

Each candidate for president peddles their wares, pontificating and promising a cure for all that ails the country. All year long, not just at election time, the Republicans and Democrats spend billions to market Elephant poop and Donkey poop. But the advertising and labels of their brands convince you that you are buying lower taxes, freedom and free stuff, jobs, prosperity, safety, and security. But it’s all poop.

Instead of spending billions of dollars on campaigns marketing a political party and failed campaigns, those funds given directly to families and organizations could manifest widespread immediate solutions. By doing so, they could win the hearts and minds of many more voters than with divisive, misleading ads.

With the cola drinks, we suspect that the two choices are not necessarily good for us, but we have to drink something. Then that advice the doctor mentions about rotting your teeth, diabetes, and obesity motivates us to seek out something equally as satisfying but better for us. We can break free from the binary choice, whether it be buying sodas or voting.

For decades, the leadership of this country has swung like a pendulum from right to left, offering voters the binary options of Red or Blue, Conservative or Liberal, Elephants or Donkeys. Each time the divide becomes wider; death from a thousand cuts. Additional divisions and factions exist within the ranks of each party. The rhetoric escalates to name-calling, insults, and threats among politicians and their supporters, on social media and violence in the streets. When will it stop? Could continuing this cycle lead to complete division, or another civil war? With only two choices, it’s not as if anyone feels they are actually making a good decision, but they convince themselves to believe their choice to be better than the alternative.

It turns out there’s good news. An article in The Atlantic (June 23, 2019) “Republicans Don’t Understand Democrats—And Democrats Don’t Understand Republicans” summarizes a Perception Gap study by More In Common. Although the article is more than a year old, the ongoing study reveals that many of us have a distorted understanding of those in the other political party, or even those within our own party.

According to the study, the spectrum of ideologies from left to right sees approximately 56% of voters making up the central core of passive liberals, politically disengaged, and moderates. They don’t necessarily agree with all of their own party’s policies, and they often share similar views on issues with those on the other side. Results also suggest that those people who limit their exposure to news of the perpetual political ping pong, have a smaller perception gap, meaning that their perception of the other side is closer to reality. Those consumed with daily political news tend to have a much wider perception gap of the other side, with the most distorted opinions. No doubt this is fueled by media bias and people tend to tune in to the news that reconfirms their beliefs.

The far left (Progressive Activists) and far right (Devoted Conservatives) wings of each party combined consists of only 15 percent. It makes sense that the far left and far right tribes would have the widest perception gap and the most distorted views of the other side. The same is true for those teaching or studying at institutions that may promote Socialist and Marxist ideologies and curriculum. Consequently, more educated people seem to possess a much wider perception gap on most issues, meaning they view the other side as more extreme than they really are.

Visit The Perception Gap online quiz to test your own perception of Democrats and Republicans.

The perception gap, and indeed the differences between the two main parties, isn’t as severe as the party leadership would like you to believe. The extreme positions taken by politicians do not reflect the opinion of the majority of their constituents. The unending onslaught of propaganda and politics numbs us. We’re warned of issues with mail-in ballots and problems at the Post Office, voter fraud, and disenfranchised voters. With the added annoyance of meddling in the election by Iran, China, Russia, and non-state hackers, some voters may question the point in voting at all. First time voters may be spinning in confusion. Others turn their backs in disgust, refusing to participate in the process at all. We can’t not drink something, and we can’t not vote.

So, what is the solution? How do we escape this cycle of destruction?

Simple. Millions of disenchanted voters decide they’ve had enough of the doom and gloom, kick out the party-poopers trying to get us to swallow their poop, and declare Third-Party Time!

To get the party started, begin with either your thumb or pinky on both hands, then count in to the THIRD digit. You can add emphasis by getting them good and wet by licking them.

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Next, thrust upwards twin one-finger salutes to the Donkeys with your left hand and the Elephants with your right.

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While holding steady, stick out your tongue and give a big raspberry to any state and non-state hackers meddling in the election and messing with our minds on social media.

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You can include extra salutes and raspberries, as desired, to any mainstream media, daytime gossip shows, and late-night talk show hosts saturating the minds of viewers with misleading and divisive “entertainment” (aka propaganda) under the guise of news and satire.

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By circumventing the circus of the absurd with all of their clowns, citizens who care about the future of this country can stop the wild swings of the pendulum and take control.

Unfortunately, many voters consider Third-Parties as having absolutely no chance of winning because it is assumed they won’t get enough votes to win. People naturally vote for who they think, or hope, will be the winner. And it is known that having an Independent candidate in the mix take votes away from the two main parties. Duh! In turn, the Donkeys and Elephants are doing everything they can to discredit and minimize third-parties and independent candidates.

Of course, most Third-Parties lean left, while some are less ideological, and others lean right. They have their problems and are not immune to international meddling as the most prominent among them, Libertarian and Green, may have already been compromised by Russia and China. For sake of discussion, instead of looking at Third-Parties as unwanted, illegitimate step-children, perhaps a fresh look could provide a remedy for the endless cycle of back-and-forth from left to right.

An article by David Weigel in the Washington Post The Trailer: It’s not 2016 for third-party candidates asserts that an alternative to red or blue in 2020 is not like it was in 2016 which saw a 20-year high support for third parties. The formation of the Movement for a People’s Party aims for a viable nominee for the 2024 election. He adds that third-party donations are down since 2016, with the upcoming election a referendum on POTUS 45. Third-Parties, he suggests, should stick to state or local elections to get out their messages. But with a national mood desiring systemic change, why not 2020?

The only thing preventing a Third-Party from winning a general election for president is enough people voting for them.

I’m not naive enough to think that such a shift could occr in this election, if ever. For a moment of wild contemplation, what if the core 56-60% of the electorate ditched the Donkeys and evicted the Elephants to cast their vote among the Third-Parties? That leaves 40% for the Donkeys and Elephants to fight over, making it unlikely either would get much more than half of that. This affords the flexibility of a Third-Party needing only 25% of the vote for a majority, and if played wisely with a coordinated effort among the electorate, one of them could get 30%.

Seeing as the final decision comes down to one county in one state, or a handful of delegates, or a million or so votes one way or the other, or hanging chads, when they add it all up — it’s about who gets the most. Then there’s the annoying thing about delegate votes and the Electoral College, and winning elections is not about the popular vote, but about a mathematical game of which complex combination of states will garner the most delegates, leading to at least 270. No matter which party is victorious, be it the Republicans or Democrats, as the pendulum swings once again, the question remains whether we can survive another slash in our national psyche.

Sensible leadership without the endless extremes could be a reality rather than a far-fetched idea. Maybe it’s time for a third option. Time to re-imagine an outdated way of doing things in a new way, it’s Third-Party Time!

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The Democrats have the goal of turning POTUS Present into POTUS Past, and transform their number one POTUS Potential into POTUS Present. Republicans also want to win the White House, as well as the Senate and House. If any incumbent is viewed as potentially un-re-electable, there are sure to be challengers from the same party. POTUS 45 continues to enjoy strong support from his base and the Republican party in general, despite vocal outliers and organized efforts to discredit him.

I’m not sure what the temperature is within the administration, but two Republican challengers launched a bid to take on POTUS 45, Bill Weld and Joe Walsh. They have since suspended their campaigns and endorsed the Democratic nominee, Biden. I was curious if their numerical fingerprints point to someone with what it takes to take on the incumbent president from their own party. One other candidate, De La Fuente, did not withdraw but obviously did not receive the Republican nomination. He did however, receive the nomination of two other parties reviewed below.

Republican Challengers

William Floyd Weld

DATE OF BIRTH: July 31, 1945 = 7+3+1+1+9+4+5 = 57/12/3
  • 7+3+1+1+9+4+5 = 57/12/3
  • 7+31+1945 = 1983 = 21/3
  • 1945 = 1+9+4+5 = 19/1
  • 7+31+19 = 57/12/3
  • 7+4+1 = 12/3
  • BIRTH DATE = 3
  • VOWELS = 64/10/1 (full); 37/10/1 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 121/4 (full); 40/4 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 79/16/7 (full); 34/7 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 44 (full); 17/8 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME (Floyd) = 62/8 (full); 26/8 (reduced)
  • OTHER NAME (Bill) = 35/8 (full); 17/8 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (16 letters) = 185/14/5 (full); 23/5
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four 3s; three 4s and 5s; two 6s and 9s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one each of 1 and 7; missing numbers include 2 and 8

This Governor from Massachusetts ran a campaign to challenge POTUS 45 for the Republican nomination. This may have been done more as a statement rather than any conviction that he would actually win. Weld has also ran for the presidency as a Libertarian, bringing attention to a third-party option, which in 2020 nominated Jo Jorgensen reviewed below.

There is nothing particularly noteworthy regarding the BIRTH DATE (3), other than a mention of the current age of 75. Had he been successful in securing the Republican nomination and winning the election, he would turn 77 while in office.

In this name, the most common number is 3 (with four Ls). There are also three 4s (two Ds, M) and three 5s (E, two Ws). These are seen again with the totals for CONSONANTS (4) and FULL NAME (5). The two 6s (F, O) and 9s (two Is) do not appear elsewhere. With only one 1 (A) and 7 (Y), these numbers appear as VOWELS (1), BIRTH YEAR (1), BIRTH MONTH (7), and FIRST NAME (7). The missing numbers 2 and 8 are found only as the MIDDLE NAME (8), indicating the greatest areas of weakness.

Other than the upcoming age of 77, the only appearance of a master number is LAST NAME (44) with four letters. The last name WELD was used as the campaign logo.

It is not uncommon for a William to be known as Bill. We saw that with POTUS 42. In this case, although nothing spectacular is revealed, a few interesting things happen to make up for other losses. In the transitions, the core three letters of I (9) L (12) L (12) are retained (9+12+12=33). Around this we drop the vowels of I (9) and A (1), losing the only 1 and making that a missing number, and causing 9 to become a weak number. The W (5) is replaced by B (2) which was previously a missing number. The other missing number is 8, and that now appears as the total for the new FIRST NAME (35/8). In the transition we see a combined reduction of 44 in VOWELS (from 19 to 9) and CONSONANTS (from 60 to 26). If you drop the MIDDLE NAME altogether and go by his common name of BILL WELD, 8 letters remain after removing 8 letters. The new totals: FULL NAME (79/16/7), VOWELS (14/5), and CONSONANTS (65/11). So with the LAST NAME master number, and a handful of other master numbers that crop up with the name change in odd ways, this is not a particularly strong numerical fingerprint.

William Joseph Walsh

DATE OF BIRTH: December 27, 1961 = 1+2+2+7+1+9+6+1 = 29/11
  • 1+2+2+7+1+9+6+1 = 29/11
  • 12+27+1961 = 2000/2
  • 1961 = 17/8
  • 12+27+17 = 56/11
  • 12+27+8 = 47/11
  • 3+9+17 = 29/11
  • 3+9+8 = 20/2
  • BIRTH DATE = 11
  • VOWELS = 40/4 (full); 31/4 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 175/13/4 (full); 49/13/4 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 79/16/7 (full); 34/7 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 63/9 (full); 18/9 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 73/10/1 (full); 28/10/1 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (18 letters) = 215/8 (full); 80/8 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = five 1s; three 3s and 5s; two 8s and 9s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = One each of 4, 6, 7; missing 2

This one term U.S. Representative from Illinois was another challenger to POTUS 45. As with the previous William, he also suspended his campaign on February 7 and eventually endorsed the Democratic nominee.

In the previous example we saw what happened when William changed to Bill. With the numerical fingerprint of Joseph Biden, we saw what happens when Joseph changes to Joe. To avoid repeating similar names, the analysis of this numerical fingerprint will not be as granular. The idea is to present different ways of looking at a numerical fingerprint, especially in the presence of name changes.

The most common number in this name is five 1s (two As, J, two Ss), followed by three 3s (Ls) and 5s (E, two Ws). These appear again as MIDDLE NAME (1) and BIRTH MONTH (12/3). The two 8s (H) and 9s (I) show up as FULL NAME (8), LAST NAME (9) and BIRTH DAY (27/9). With only one each of 4, 6, and 7, they can be found in VOWELS (4), CONSONANTS (4), and FIRST NAME (7), with 6 being noticeably vacant otherwise. The 2s are completely elusive here.

The only appearance of a master number is with the BIRTH DATE (11). You can get creative and add the initials W (23) + J (10) + W (23) = 56/11. Having a master number BIRTH DATE is significant and does warrant attention. However, the otherwise absent master numbers and overall weak numerical fingerprint does not offer any consolation. To make matters worse, by going from the original FULL NAME to the campaign name of JOE WALSH results in a loss of some already weak numbers. For example, by dropping WILLIAM altogether rather than doing what WELD did, there is the loss of all 9s (I) and 4s (M), moving them from weak to missing numbers. Likewise, the loss of the two Ls, moves 3 from a strong number to a weak number. The change from Joseph to Joe also removes one of the 8s (H) moving it to the weak side, and the only 7 (P) which is now missing. The only place 7 appeared before was the FIRST NAME, but with that gone, the new FIRST NAME is a 3.

Next we look at a Third-Party nominee eligible for 538 electoral votes, appearing on ballots in all 50 states, plus D.C. Based on the electoral math alone, this would be the most likely Third-Party to see a victory.

Libertarian Party

Joanne Marie Jorgensen

DATE OF BIRTH: May 1, 1957 = 5+1+1+9+5+7 = 28/10/1
  • 5+1+1+9+5+7 = 28/10/1
  • 5+1+1957 = 1963 = 1+9+6+3 = 19/10/1
  • 1957 = 1+9+5+7 = 22
  • 5+1+22 = 28/10/1
  • 5+1+4 = 10/1
  • BIRTH DATE = 1
  • VOWELS = 52/7 (full); 43/7 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 151/7 (full); 52/7 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 59/14/5 (full); 23/5 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 107/8 (full); 44 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 46/10/1 (full); 28/10/1 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (20 letters) = 203/5 (full); 95/14/5 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = eight 5s; five 1s; three 9s; two 6s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one of 4 and 7; missing numbers: 2, 3, 8

This nominee for the Libertarian Party is a lecturer at Clemson University in South Carolina. She was previously the vice-presidential nominee for the same party during the 1996 presidential election. She is the Third-Party candidate with ballot access to the most electoral votes, and only one of two female Third-Party candidates. How does her numerical fingerprint compare to the Democrat or Republican nominees? Does evidence exist supporting POTUS potential?

The BIRTH DATE (1) indicates leadership and independence, which is a good sign. Additionally, the BIRTH YEAR (22) suggests potential for mastery. If elected, she would celebrate her 65th (6+5=11) and 66th birthdays while in office, suggesting an auspicious time in her life.

The most common number in the name comes as an incredible eight 5s (four Es, four Ns), the number for freedom and change. The 5 also appears as the BIRTH MONTH, FULL NAME, and FIRST NAME. The next most common number is five 1s (two As, two Js, S), and can be found as the BIRTH DAY (1) and BIRTH DATE (1), echoing leadership and independence. These signal the areas of greatest strength. With plenty of 1s and 5s to spare, the loss of A (1), two Ns (5), and E (5) is negligible when using her nickname of JO. The three 9s (I, two Rs) and two 6s (Os) are not found elsewhere. The least common numbers are 4 (M) and 7 (G), which appear in other places as CONSONANTS (7) and VOWELS (7). The 4 is conspicuously absent elsewhere. With 2, 3, and 8 missing, the only other appearance of any of them is the LAST NAME (8). This suggests 2, 3, 4, and 8 as areas of greatest weakness.

When scouting for master numbers, other than that found in the BIRTH YEAR (22), only one can be found as the reduced total for LAST NAME (44). Whereas the LAST NAME (8) mentioned previously is the full total, the reduced total being a master number strengthens this otherwise weak number. The last name is the campaign logo. Another iffy master number can be found by adding the initials of J (10) + M (13) + J (10) for a total of 33.

This numerical fingerprint IDs a person with leadership potential, devoted to freedom and change. More weak areas than strong ones, and only a few master numbers, suggests little POTUS potential.

Now for a look at a party nominee on ballots in more than half the states, making him eligible for fewer than 538 but at least 270 electoral votes.

Green Party

Howard Gresham Hawkins

DATE OF BIRTH: December 8, 1952 = 1+2+8+1+9+5+2 = 28/10/1
  • 1+2+8+1+9+5+2 = 28/10/1
  • 12+8+1952 = 1972 = 1+9+7+2 = 19/1
  • 1952 = 17/8
  • 12+8+17 = 37/10/1
  • 3+8+8 = 19/10/1
  • BIRTH DATE = 1
  • VOWELS = 55 (full); 28/10/1 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 170/8 (full); 71/8 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 69/15/6 (full); 33 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 85/13/4 (full); 31/4 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 71/8 (full); 35/8 (reduced)
  • OTHER NAME (Howie) = 60/6 (full); 33 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (20 letters) = 225/9 (full); 99 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = five 1s; four 5s; three 8s and 9s; two 4s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one of 2, 6, and 7; missing 3

This longtime activist boasts dozens of unsuccessful runs for a variety of offices including senator and governor. As the Green Party nominee for president, he presents an alternative to a two-party system, following the Libertarian Party. Hawkins is eligible for 500 or so electoral votes, on the ballot in 30 states plus DC., and a write-in candidate in 11 other states. These counts are actively in flux as some states are removing the Green Party from the ballot due to paperwork issues. Hawkins also holds the nomination for these parties: Legal Marijuana Now, Socialist Alternative, Socialist Party USA, and Solidarity. His running mate is Angela Walker, a former transit union organizer from South Carolina.

The BIRTH DATE (1) does not offer anything outstanding. However, it is when we review the FULL NAME that interesting numbers appear. It is also worth noting that this name has two Ws, one a vowel and one a consonant.

The most common number is five 1s (three As, two Ss), followed by four 5s (E, N, two W), three 8s (all Hs) and 9s (I, two Rs), and two 4s (D, M). Some of these appear again as reduced total for VOWELS (1), LAST NAME (4), CONSONANTS (8), BIRTH DAY (8), BIRTH YEAR (8), and FULL NAME (9). The campaign logo features a shortened version of the first name plus the last name. The least common numbers are 2 (K), 6 (O), and 7 (G), with 3s completely missing. The only other place any of these appear is with the BIRTH MONTH (12/3) and FIRST NAME (6), pointing to the areas of greatest weakness.

The search for master numbers reveals the K (11) in LAST NAME, the reduced total of FIRST NAME (33), VOWELS (55), and reduced total of FULL NAME (99).

Looking at the name change from HOWARD to HOWIE uncovers something unique. In the transition of dropping the A (1) and replacing with I (9) and E (5), there is a net gain of 13 for VOWELS. Dropping the R (18) and D (4) results in a net loss for CONSONANTS of 22, a difference of 9. So HOWARD (69/15/6) becomes HOWIE (60/6). When considering the reduced totals, CONSONANTS lose 13 and VOWELS gain 13 resulting in the same reduced total of 33 for both names. Essentially, the name change does not alter the numerical fingerprint.

Overall, this numerical fingerprint reveals leadership ability with the abundance of 1s. The lack of several numbers not accounted for elsewhere points to multiple weaknesses, which could be compensated for by the variety of master numbers, signaling the possibility for POTUS Potential.

Third-Party candidates with ballot access to more than 50 but less than 270 electoral votes, ranked approximately from most to least:

  • Party for Socialism and Liberation Gloria La Riva
  • Alliance Party and Reform Party Roque de la Fuente
  • Constitution Party Don Blankenship
  • Independent Brock Pierce
  • American Solidarity Party Brian T. Carroll
  • Birthday Party Kanye West

Party for Socialism and Liberation

Gloria Estela La Riva

DATE OF BIRTH: August 13, 1954 = 8+1+3+1+9+5+4 = 31/4
  • 8+1+3+1+9+5+4 = 31/4
  • 8+13+1954 = 1975 = 1+9+7+5 = 22
  • 1954 = 19/10/1
  • 8+13+19 = 40/4
  • 8+13+10 = 31/4
  • 8+13+1 = 22
  • 8+4+10 = 22
  • 8+4+1 = 13/4
  • BIRTH DATE = 22/4
  • VOWELS = 47/11 (full); 38/11 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 140/5 (full); 41/5 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 62/8 (full); 35/8 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 63/9 (full); 27/9 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 62/8 (full); 17/8 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (18 letters) = 187/16/7 (full); 79/16/7 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = five 1s; four 9s; three 3s; two 5s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one of 2, 4, 6, 7; no 8s

This activist and writer from California has a long history of running for a variety of offices, including president, with a variety of parties. She lost the 2020 Green Party nomination to Hawkins but secured the nomination for the Party for Socialism and Liberation which is currently on the ballot in 14 states, plus D.C., and a write-in candidate on ballots in five states, eligible for approximately 272 electoral votes. She is also the party nominee for the Liberty Union Party and Peace and Freedom Party. Her running mate was originally Leonard Peltier who stepped down due to health problems and was replaced by Sunil Freeman, an author and activist.

At the age of 66, this BIRTH DATE has a numerical value of 22 or 4, depending on how you add the numbers, as shown above. This suggests an auspicious time in this person’s life.

The most common number is found as five 1s (four As, S), followed by four 9s (two Is, two Rs), three 3s (L), and two 5s (E). These abundant numbers are reinforced by their appearance elsewhere as BIRTH YEAR (1), LAST NAME (9), and CONSONANTS (5). In a name with 18 (1+8=9) letters, the vowels and consonants are distributed evenly with nine each, and each of the three names has six letters. The uncommon numbers are one each of 2 (T), 4 (V), 6 (O), and 7 (G). With so many weak numbers, they appear otherwise with BIRTH DAY (4) and FULL NAME (7), boosting them slightly and leaving 2 and 6 unimproved. The missing 8s are brought back to life with the BIRTH MONTH (8), FIRST NAME (8), and MIDDLE NAME (8), moving that from a missing number to a strong one.

Other than the current age of 66, the presence of master numbers is unimpressive, showing up only in the VOWELS (11) and V (22) found in the last name.

Overall, this numerical fingerprint shows a unique balance and numerous areas of great strength and ability. However, multiple uncorrected weaknesses and few master numbers do not point to POTUS potential.

Reform Party and Alliance Party

Roque de la Fuente Guerra

DATE OF BIRTH: October 10, 1954 = 1+0+1+0+1+9+5+4 = 21/3
  • 1+1+1+9+5+4 = 21/3
  • 10+10+1954 = 1974 = 1+9+7+4 = 21/3
  • 1+9+5+4 = 19/10/1
  • 1+1+19 = 21/3
  • 1+1+10=12/3
  • 1+1+1=3
  • BIRTH DATE = 3
  • VOWELS = 105/6 (full); 42/6 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 134/8 (full); 62/8 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME (Roque) = 76/13/4 (full); 31/4 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME (De La Fuente) = 93/12/3 (full); 57/12/3 (reduced)
  • OTHER NAME (Guerra) = 70/9 (full); 34/7 (reduced)
  • OTHER NAME (Rocky) = 72/9 (full); 27/9 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (21 letters) = 239/14/5 (full); 104/5 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = six 5s, four 3s, three 9s, with two 1s and 6s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one each of 2, 4, 7, 8; no missing numbers

Someone who can give La Riva a run for her money, this perennial candidate from California has sought the nomination for president in 2016, U.S. Senator in nine different states, U.S. Representative (CA – 21st District), Mayor of New York City and, most recently, president for the 2020 election as a Republican. He has never succeeded in being nominated for anything, with persistence attributed to a hobby. Although the Republican nomination went to Trump, of course, De La Fuente secured the nomination for two other parties: Reform Party and Alliance Party. His running mate is Darcy Richardson, an author and activist from Florida. Eligible for 219 electoral votes, they appear on the ballot in 16 states, and a write-in on ballots in nine more states.

The interesting thing with this Date of Birth is that the BIRTH DAY, BIRTH MONTH, and BIRTH YEAR each are 1, the number for leadership. Currently at age 65 (6+5=11), he turns 66 the month before the 2020 election, perhaps signaling a more promising time to seek a leadership role.

The most common numbers found in the name of this numerical fingerprint are six 5s (five Es, N), four 3s (three Us, L), and three 9s (R). These numbers are repeated as FULL NAME (5) and LAST NAME (3). There are two 1s (A) and 6s (F, O), also seen in BIRTH DAY (1), BIRTH MONTH (10/1), BIRTH YEAR (1954 = 1+9+5+4 = 19/10/1), and VOWELS (6). Those appearing only once are 2 (T), 4 (D), 7 (G), and 8 (Q). These shy numbers do appear in the FIRST NAME (4), GUERRA (7), and Consonants (8), leaving a lone 2 all on its own. There are no missing numbers. In this regard, there is nothing outstanding other than having no missing numbers. Although the abundance of 5s, 3s, and 9s suggest many great qualities, the absence of master numbers or any significant patterns makes this numerical fingerprint unremarkable, so far.

As with Bernard to Bernie or Joseph to Joe, how does the name change affect the overall results? Going from Roque De La Fuente Guerra to Rocky De La Fuente, several things happen. With the dropping of GUERRA we lose the only 7 in the form of the G, and that becomes a missing number identifying a notable weakness. Recall that the name GUERRA (70) is also a 7, so losing this name takes away the only 7 found elsewhere. Similarly, with the loss of the two Rs and an A in GUERRA, that leaves only one each of 1 and 9, moving then into the weak category. The loss of the U (3) and E (5) is not a problem as we see U-E in all three names, so plenty to spare. The name change also includes ROQUE to ROCKY, which reveals interesting numbers. The loss of Q (17) is replaced by C (4) and K (11), resulting in a reduction in CONSONANTS by 3. We lose the second of three U-E combinations, causing the VOWELS to reduce by 1 with the replacement of U(21)+E(5) with Y (25). With a cumulative loss of four, this causes ROQUE (76/13/4) to change to ROCKY (72/9). Add this to the loss of GUERRA (70) with a total reduction of 74 (7+4=11). The original FULL NAME total was 239, less 74 and the new FULL NAME becomes (165/12/3). VOWELS (77) and CONSONANTS (88) appear with the name change. So when we lost the only 7 and 8 with the removal of G and Q, here they appear in double as master numbers. Similarly, the reductions in 9s receives a bump from the new total for FIRST NAME (9). The first thing to notice is the appearance of the first master number in the form of the K (11). The campaign logo utilizes both the FIRST NAME and FULL NAME.

With the current age of 65, soon to be 66, and the master numbers that appear with the name change with a K (11), VOWELS (77), and CONSONANTS (88) does point to someone with Heart’s Desire and Authentic Self in alignment, possessing the potential for operating on higher levels. The risk exists of abusing newfound power and obligations.

Constitution Party

Donald Leon Blankenship

DATE OF BIRTH: March 14, 1950 = 3+1+4+1+9+5 = 23/5
  • 3+1+4+1+9+5 = 23/5
  • 3+14+1950 = 1967 = 1+9+6+7 = 23/5
  • 1950 = 15/6
  • 3+14+15 = 32/5
  • 3+14+6 =23/5
  • 3+5+15 = 23/5
  • 3+5+6 = 14/5
  • BIRTH DATE = 5
  • VOWELS = 50/5 (full); 32/5 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 152/8 (full); 53/8 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 50/5 (full); 23/5 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 111/3 (full); 48/12/3 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 46/10/1 (full); 19/1 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (21 letters) = 202/4 (full); 85/13/4 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = six 5s; three 1s and 3s; two 2s, 4s, and 6s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one each of 7, 8, 9. No missing numbers

This former CEO of Massey Energy in West Virginia is an outspoken Republican critic of liberal Democrats stemming from his work in coal mining. He has referred to himself as more Trumpian than Trump, and offers a conservative Third-Party alternative to the mostly liberal choices on this list. In securing the nomination for the Constitution Party he chose as his running mate William Mohr, Chairman of US Taxpayer Party of Michigan. They are eligible for approximately 203 electoral votes and appear on ballots in 18 states, and four other states as write-in.

In reviewing the numbers in the BIRTH DATE (5), nothing particularly striking appears. However, this ties in to the most common number with six 5s (four Ns, two Es). The next most common numbers are three 1s (two As, S) and 3s (Ls), followed by two each of 2 (B, K), 4 (Ds), and 6 (Os). Most of these appear elsewhere in the numerical fingerprint as BIRTH DAY (14/5), FIRST NAME (5), VOWELS (5), MIDDLE NAME (1), LAST NAME (3), BIRTH MONTH (3), FULL NAME (4), and BIRTH YEAR (1950/15/6). The least common numbers show up as one each of 7 (P), 8 (H) and 9 (I). The only other appearance of any of these comes as CONSONANTS (8), leaving them in the weak category. Fortunately, there are no missing numbers.

Master numbers are not readily evident, but do appear in subtle ways such as the K (11) in the LAST NAME which happens to have 11 letters. Although the LAST NAME figure provided previously is a 3, the original total is 111. Some numerologists often consider this a special class of master number. Likewise, the FULL NAME (4) boasts an original total of 202. This echoes the current election year of 2020, in itself among the special class of master numbers.

This is worth nothing because the campaign logo features the LAST NAME and a shortened version of the FIRST NAME as Don. While the full FIRST NAME has a value of 50/5, by removing A (1), L (12) and D (4) the total is reduced by 17, providing a new FIRST NAME (33). Numerically, this campaign logo would appear as 33+111. With an abundance of 5s, more strong numbers than weak numbers, none missing, and the presence of unique master numbers, this numerical fingerprint suggests someone with modest POTUS Potential.

Independent Party

Brock Pierce

DATE OF BIRTH: November 14, 1980
  • 1+1+1+4+1+9+8 = 25/7
  • 11+14+1980 = 2005/7
  • 1980 = 1+9+8 = 18/9
  • 11+14+18 = 43/7
  • 11+14+9 = 34/7
  • 11+5+9 = 25/7
  • 2+5+9 = 16/7
  • BIRTH DATE = 7
  • VOWELS = 34/7 (full); 25/7 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 71/8 (full); 35/8 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 49/13/4 (full); 22 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 56/11 (full); 38/11 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (11 letters) = 105/6 (full); 60/6 (reduced) or 33
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = three 9s; two each of 2, 3, 5
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one each of 6 and 7. Missing numbers 1, 4, 8

As a former child actor in the film First Kid, among others, the idea of living in the White House must have been planted in Brock’s mind at an early age. As the CEO of Bitcoin Foundation, he has demonstrated abilities far beyond acting, and may be worth more than $1 billion. With financial backing and support from others, he is well-equipped to launch a bid for the presidency. He claims the driving force for his campaign is to bring awareness to how the political process inhibits third parties and independent candidates — coincidentally, the intention of this post. He joined the 2020 presidential race with entrepreneur Karla Ballard as a running mate. So far, they appear on ballots in 15 states plus DC and five more states as write-in, with eligibility for about 166 electoral votes. Pierce is also the nominee for the American Shopping Party and Independence Party of New York. A closer look at the numerical fingerprint reveals if this child actor turned billionaire entrepreneur possesses POTUS potential.

The most notable aspect of the date of birth is the BIRTH MONTH (11), pointing to the first appearance of a master number. If elected to the presidency, he could celebrate his 44th birthday while in office.

Many actors change their birth name or drop a middle name, but I was unable to confirm if this is a stage name or actual birth name. Just as Bernie Sanders presents no middle name, we will proceed assuming this is the birth name with no middle name. The problem with such a short name is the risk of too many missing numbers, and not enough strong numbers. In this numerical fingerprint, the most common numbers are three 9s (I, two Rs), and two each of 2 (B, K), 3 (Cs), and 5 (Es). Only one of these is found elsewhere with BIRTH YEAR (1980/18/9) and BIRTH DAY (14/5). This doesn’t add much in the way of strengths. That leaves only one 6 (O) and 7 (P), with 1s, 4s, and 8s missing. A few of these crop up in other places: FULL NAME (6), VOWELS (7), BIRTH DATE (7), FIRST NAME (4), and CONSONANTS (8), with 1s nowhere to be found. As the number for leadership, this doesn’t bode well for someone wanting to lead the country.

The only hope in reconciling these deficient and absent numbers is to uncover master numbers. The most obvious is the K (11) in the FIRST NAME which has a reduced total of 22. The campaign logo features first name only. Another is found in the LAST NAME (11) and the FULL NAME contains 11 letters. Although the FIRST NAME (49) plus LAST NAME (56) equals 105/6, if you add the reduced totals of FIRST NAME (11) plus LAST NAME (22), the result is FULL NAME (33). Combine this with the BIRTH MONTH (11) and the upcoming age of 44, and this otherwise weak numerical fingerprint, with a complete absence of 1s, warrants further attention when seeking POTUS potential.

American Solidarity Party

Brian T. Carroll

DATE OF BIRTH: December 15, 1949 = 1+2+1+5+1+9+4+9 = 23/5
  • 1+2+1+5+1+9+4+9 = 23/5
  • 12+15+1949 = 1976 = 1+9+7+6 = 23/5
  • 1949 = 1+9+4+9 = 23/5
  • 12+15+23 = 50/5
  • 3+6+5 = 14/5
  • BIRTH DATE = 5
  • VOWELS = 26/8 (full); 17/8 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 117/9 (full); 45/9 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 44 (full); 26/8 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 79/16/7 (full); 34/7 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE INITIAL = 20/2 (full); 2 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (13 letters) = 143/8 (full); 62/8 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four 9s’ three 3s; two 1s and 2s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one 5 and 6, with 4, 7, and 8 missing

This former teacher lost a bid for California’s 22nd congressional district in 2018 to Republican Devin Nunes. As the nominee for the American Solidarity Party (originally the Christian Democracy Party USA) with running mate Amar Patel, a Chicago high school teacher, they appear on ballots in eight states, and 19 others as a write-in, eligible for 298 electoral votes. Their campaign is based on Catholic social teaching: solidarity, subsidiarity, and distributism, as reviewed in a recent article by Catholic News Agency He won’t win. So why is Brian Carroll running for president? Carroll and Patel discuss their reasons for running on a conservative platform, realizing they cannot win this year, but future years may be different. What does his numerical fingerprint say?

Currently aged 70, the BIRTH DATE (5) presents nothing of significance. When looking at the name, I was unable to confirm a middle name and found only the initial T. We will proceed as if this is the case, as other POTUS past and potential also have only an initial for a middle name. If it turns out he does have a middle name, this would likely change the reading of this numerical fingerprint.

The most common numbers associated with the name come as four 9s (I, three Rs); three 3s (C, two Ls), and two 1s (As) and 2s (B, T). These numbers are scarce elsewhere, found only with the CONSONANTS (9) and BIRTH MONTH (12/3), strengthening the strongest numbers. There is only one 5 (N) and 6 (O), with 4, 7, and 8 missing. Some of these lacking numbers are given a boost with BIRTH DATE (5), BIRTH YEAR (1949/23/5), BIRTH DAY (15/6), LAST NAME (7), FULL NAME (8), reduced total for FIRST NAME (8), and VOWELS (8), moving 5, 6, and 8 from weak to strong. The presence of only one 7 keeps it in the weak category, and with 4 nowhere to be found, suggests the weakest areas needing attention.

The presence of only one master number found in the full total for FIRST NAME (44), and the reduced-reduced total for FULL NAME (33), does little to strengthen this unimpressive numerical fingerprint with low POTUS potential.

Birthday Party

Kanye Omari West

DATE OF BIRTH: June 8, 1977 = 6+8+1+9+7+7 = 38/11
  • 6+8+1+9+7+7 = 38/11
  • 6+8+1977 = 1991/20/2
  • 1977 = 24/6
  • 6+8+24 = 38/11
  • 6+8+6 = 20/2
  • BIRTH DATE = 2 and 11
  • VOWELS = 36/9 (full); 27/9 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 143/8 (full); 35/8 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 56/11 (full); 20/2 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 67/13/4 (full); 13/4 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 56/11 (full); 29/11 (reduced)
  • OTHER NAMES = (Kanyeezy, Yeezy, Ye, see below)
  • FULL NAME (14 letters) = 179/17/8 (full); 62/8 and 17/8 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four 5s; three 1s; two 2s and 9s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one each of 4, 6, and 7, with 3 and 8 missing

This singer, songwriter, producer, and fashion designer from Illinois is among a handful of black billionaires in the United States, with a net worth between one and three billion dollars. His uber-famous wife, Kim Kardashian, enjoys a similarly sizeable fortune of her own. Many people likely considered West’s announcements of his bid for the presidency as nothing more than a publicity stunt. He has since named his running mate Michelle Tidball, a preacher from Wyoming, and in a short time managed to get on ballots of 12 states, and as a write-in on ballots in five others, providing access to 135 or so delegate votes. This remains in flux as some states are denying West ballot access for various reasons. No doubt, his announced intention to siphon votes from the Democrats has something to do with the resistance he faces. With his family’s fan base and widespread following, he has the financial resources and potential voter support. It makes one consider what it would be like watching the daily reality show of Kardashian-West family in the White House. It’s been worse.

As I’ve discussed previously, name recognition is huge. That’s why so many candidates consider carefully their campaign name. More people probably know West and Kardashian than what’s his name Joe. The concept is rooted in the power of vibration whether thought or spoken. Just like TRUMP was a household name long before becoming president, the average citizen around the world was familiar with the name, whether at resorts, hotels, casinos, beauty pageants, reality shows, and more. And it seems, many people who like Trump the least, speak his name the most. Whether it be curses, condemnation, or criticism by voters or journalists — the vibration of the name TRUMP, repeated endlessly, fans out to maintain its existence. Similarly, Kanye West is known by millions worldwide, even though some people don’t listen to his music or buy his clothes, they’ve certainly heard of him and his wife.

Unfortunately, he does not appear on enough ballots to garner the required electoral votes. But, saying he did get on enough ballots and witness a landslide victory, what does his numerical fingerprint reveal regarding leadership and POTUS potential?

Beginning with the BIRTH DATE (11) we see the first master number, and appearing in this place is noteworthy. At the age of 43, if elected he would celebrate his 44th birthday a few months after his inauguration. Although not technically a master number, the ’77 in the birth year stands out because nobody else reviewed here has been born in a year ending in a master number.

The most common numbers associated with this Birth Name come as four 5s (two Es, N, W), three 1s (As, S), and two each of 2 (K, T) and 9 (I, R). Except for the reduced total of FIRST NAME (2) and VOWELS (9), none of these are found elsewhere in the numerical fingerprint, contributing little to the strong numbers. The least common numbers are one each of 4 (M), 6 (O), and 7 (Y), which do appear as LAST NAME (4), BIRTH MONTH (6), and BIRTH YEAR (1977/24/6). This gives a little bump to 4 and 6, but leaves 7 as a weak number. The missing numbers of 3 and 8 do get some help with FULL NAME (8), BIRTH DAY (8), and CONSONANTS (8), moving 8 into the strong category. The 3s remain completely elusive, indicating the area of greatest weakness. Seeing as this is the number for communication and speaking, it comes as a bit of a surprise for a singer/musician with a career using his voice, suggesting that he struggles with adequately communicating thoughts and feelings.

These deficiencies can be reconciled with the presence of master numbers. Other than the BIRTH DATE (11) and upcoming age (44), there is the full total for the FIRST NAME (11) which also contains a K (11), and MIDDLE name (11). both of which have the exact same total (56/11). This otherwise average numerical fingerprint suddenly becomes interesting, with increased POTUS potential.

It is well known that Mr. West has gone by a few nicknames over the years. At one point, he considered adding Christian Genius Billionaire to Kanye West, dropping Omari. I was curious how this would affect the numerical fingerprint. Overall, there is an addition of four 1s (A, two Ss), two 2s (B, T), four 3s (C, two Ls, U), no 4s, five 5s (two Es, three Ns), two 6s (Os), one 7 (G), one 8 (I), and six 9s (five Is, R). This would change the most common numbers to nine 5s, eight 9s, seven 1s, four 2s and 3s, and three 6s. This strengthens further already strong numbers of 1, 5, and 9. The 3 moves from being completely missing to a strong number, which also happens a little with 6s and 7s. The 4s remain weak with no additions, and the previous absence of 8s is increased by only one, also remaining weak.

The total for all of these names together creates a FULL NAME (391/13/4), changing from the birth FULL NAME (8).

CHRISTIAN: VOWELS (19/10/1), CONSONANTS (68/14/5), resulting in NAME total of 87/15/6 (full) and 42/6 (reduced).

GENIUS: VOWELS (35/8), CONSONANTS (40/4), resulting in NAME total of 75/12/3 (full) and 30/3 (reduced).

BILLIONAIRE: VOWELS (48/12/3), CONSONANTS (58/13/4), resulting in NAME total of 106/7 (full) and 61/7 reduced.

Adding together CHRISTIAN GENIUS BILLIONAIRE contributes VOWELS (102/3) and CONSONANTS (166/13/4), for a total of 268/16/7 (full) and 133/7 (reduced). The full total for CGB (268) + KW (123) = 391/13/4. Another way to look at it is to take the reduced total of CGB (133) + reduced total for KW (33) = 166/13/4, an interesting appearance of double 3s and 6s. Keeping the FIRST NAME (11) and adding LAST NAME (4) to CGB (7) = 22. This name change not only corrects many deficient and missing numbers, especially 4s and 8s, but also adds significant strengths in the way of master numbers.

Other names have included:

KANYEEZY = VOWELS (36/9), CONSONANTS (76/13/4, or 22 reduced), for a NAME total of 112 (4).

YEEZY = VOWELS (35/8), CONSONANTS (51/6), for a NAME total of 86/14/5.

YE = VOWELS (5), CONSONANTS (25/7), for a NAME total of 30/3. YE FOR PRESIDENT is this campaign’s logo. Both Yeezy and YE are apparently derivatives of the name Jesus.

Third-Party nominees eligible for fewer than 50 electoral votes will not be reviewed:

  • Unity Party Bill Hammons
  • Bread and Roses Party Jerome Segal
  • Prohibition Party Phil Collins
  • Socialist Equality Party Joseph Kishore
  • Progressive Party Dario Hunter
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

This is part of a series entitled POTUS CODE: Election-Year Guide to Picking a President by the Numbers


With reviews of POTUS PRESENT and POTUS POTENTIALS completed, we continue our journey with POTUS PAST. By looking at the numerical fingerprints of key presidents from the past we will find clues along the way showing us how we got to where we are today, and how to proceed into the future. To begin, we must begin at the beginning with POTUS PAST: The One and Only POTUS 1.

My reviews of the numerical fingerprints remain nonpartisan, unbiased, without regard to policies or personality. I could provide an analysis of what I think it means, but wish to avoid appearing critical, judgmental, or showing favoritism to influence one way or another. For your convenience, refer to common interpretations below, or seek out other sources. You may cross-reference any numbers you consider significant and arrive at your own conclusions.

For Reference

  • BIRTH DATE = Life Path to reveal opportunities, challenges, lessons
  • VOWELS = Heart’s Desire
  • CONSONANTS = Authentic Self
  • FIRST NAME = Personality
  • LAST NAME = Traits
  • FULL NAME = Destiny or Expression
1confident leader
2cooperative diplomat
3expressive speaker
4honest worker
5freedom and change
6responsible humanitarian
7dignified educator
8ambitious executive
9compassionate philanthropist
11Signifies mastery over the physical plane, illumination, responsibility, mysticism, empathy, inspiration, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight. Some numerologists consider 11 to possess only negative characteristics, such as offensiveness and deviance. Chinese numerology relates 11 to the Tao, or the way of heaven. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 11 include: deception, delusion, instability, dishonesty, and confusion. Note that these numbers reduce to 11: 29 and 92, 38 and 83, 47 and 74, 56 and 65.
22Considered the “Master Architect” representing material mastery and the ability to manifest abstract ideas, innovation, intuition, detachment and objectivity, power, philanthropy and altruism, originality and invention, leadership and achievement. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 22 include: fanaticism, perversity, immorality and lawlessness, insensitivity, rebellion, cynicism, malevolence, destruction, cruelty, tyranny.
33Represents compassionate giving and selfless service to humanity, gentleness, and kindness. Negative traits include: callous, inhumane, selfish, malicious.
44In numerology, the number 44 often represents a confident leader, efficient, energetic, and ambitious. Negatively it can manifest as intolerance, abuse, self-destruction, and ignorance.
55Intelligent, skillful, talented, and active. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 55 include: foolish and slovenly.
66Cheerful and humorous. Negative: hateful, jealous, impatient.
77Charming, adventurous, clever, adaptable. Negative: perverse, self-indulgent.
88Successful, highly spiritual. Negative: dishonest, sarcastic, evil, ulterior motives.
99Generous, fulfilled, compassionate, loving, joyful. Negative: possessive, immoral, deceptive, unfulfilled, aimless.

For more information about master numbers and the numerical fingerprint of the word master see post HOCUS POCUS POTUS: Identifying the Numerical Fingerprint

A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9, J-10, K-11, L-12, M-13, N-14, O-15, P-16, Q-17, R-18, S-19, T-20, U-21, V-22, W-23, X-24, Y-25, Z-26

  • 1= A J S
  • 2 = B K T
  • 3 = C L U
  • 4 = D M V
  • 5 = E N W
  • 6 = F O X
  • 7 = G P Y
  • 8 = H Q Z
  • 9 = I R

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  1. A third party may not win in this election, but there is no reason why one cannot emerge. In the 1800’s our nation had the Whig party emerge to develop a two party system for our political system. After that, the Democratic-Republican party split into two parties and the Whig party faded into history. But, while the Whig party existed, there were several famous people that belonged to it, among which is Andrew Jackson.

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