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Due to the untimely interruption by a pandemic, the anticlimactic Democratic Party debates concluded without traditional fanfare. As the presumptive party nominee, Joe Biden declared unofficial victory. Hold your horses, Joe. Many things could change between now and the time of the proposed August 17 convention in Wisconsin. [Update: since original post, Milwaukee convention cancelled.]

Although the party offered up a cornucopia of female, gay, Latino, Black, and Asian candidates, one of the oldest white men on stage came out on top. Biden still needs to take on the incumbent POTUS, so he hasn’t won yet. But he’s closer than in previous attempts. With presidential runs in 1988 and in 2008, some say it’s about time, while others say his time has come and gone. In the meantime, Biden is biding his time, apparently hunkered away in his basement to avoid COVID-19.

In the 2008 presidential election, Senator Biden was among other POTUS Potentials: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani. I reviewed the numerical fingerprints of these and other leading candidates at that time. Details of those other candidates will be provided when we circle back to the 2008 election in a future post. We all know who became POTUS 44, and it wasn’t Biden.

With the victory of the Obama/Biden ticket, Biden became the 47th Vice-President (4+7=11) for POTUS 44 at the age of 66. Every phone call in the middle of the night could have been the one informing him of his promotion. Ready or not, he was likely briefed and prepared for such a scenario. With plenty of time to rehearse for the job and familiarity with the inner workings of the White House and Congress, he looks good on paper.

Why on Earth anyone at his age, or any age, would want to take on the demands of the presidency and re-enter the political arena, with so much turmoil and uncertainty in the country and world, is beyond my understanding. Perhaps a closer look at his numerical fingerprint will provide clues.

Joseph Robinette Biden

DATE OF BIRTH: November 20, 1942 = 11+20+1942 = 1973 = 20/2
  • 1+1+2+1+9+4+2 = 20/2
  • 11+20+1942 = 1973 = 20/2 1+9+7+3 = 20/2
  • 11+2+7 = 20/2
  • 2+2+7 = 11
  • BIRTH DATE = 20/2
  • VOWELS = 68/14/5 (full), 50/5 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 147/12/3 (full), 48/12/3 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 73/10/1 (full), 28/10/1 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = 108/9 (full), 45/9 (reduced)
  • LAST NAME = 34/7 (full), 25/7 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (20 letters) = 215/8 (full), 98/17/8 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = six 5s; four 2s; three 9s; and two 1s and 6s
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = only one of 4, 7, and 8, with 3 completely missing

As the 47th Vice-President (2009-2016) under POTUS 44, this POTUS Potential also served as a U.S. Senator from Delaware (1973-2009). Delaware is one of the smallest states by size, with a population of under a million citizens. He shares something with a fellow Vice-President featured in the previous post. The 36-year Senator from Delaware also lost his bid for the presidency and selected to be Vice-President to a former Senator from Illinois for less than one term.

The first thing I usually look for in a numerical fingerprint is the appearance of master numbers in the date of birth. Born in November, the eleventh month is a good start. Recalling that he was 66 years old entering the White House after the 2008 election, he will be 77 at the time of the 2020 election. If he defeats POTUS 45, he would also claim the title from Trump as the oldest person to become president. If you add the individual numbers in the Birth Date: 1+1+2+1+9+4+2 = 20/2. Or add it as dd/mm/yyyy, or keep the 11 intact and add reduced number for day and year the Birth Date is a 2, considered the number for cooperation. If you reduce the month 11 to a 2 then add 2+2+7 = 11. An 11 appears no matter what. That’s how these master numbers work. If they’re there, they reveal themselves.

An abundance of 5s (four Es and two Ns) suggests a desire for peace and freedom. The Vowels total is also 5. The fifth letter of the alphabet is E and his campaign logos feature all blue letters except for a red “E” in both Joe and Biden, to represent the stripes of the American flag. One used earlier in the campaign evokes familiarity using the shortened version of the First Name. The logo featuring the Last Name boldly labels himself as President. Five is definitely the driving force behind this candidate and his campaign.

Plenty of 2s (two Bs and two Ts) suggest he was born to be a diplomat. The Birth Day and full Birth Date totals are each 2. Three 9s appear with two Is and R. There are two each of 1 (J, S) and 6 (O). With only one each of 4 (D), 7 (P), and 8 (H), completely missing are 3s. The lack of these numbers is somewhat redeemed with Consonants (3), Last Name and Birth Year (7), and Full Name total (8). Nowhere else do 4s appear.

The Last Name total of 8 reflects his long career as a politician, a number often associated with ambitious executives. Although his first name Joseph equals a 1, his campaign material, one of his logos and in conversation uses the name Joe, which is 10+15+5 = 30/3. This could actually be a clever way of balancing out the otherwise complete absence of 3. Using the name Joe (30) with Biden (34) = 64/10/1 and we’re back to a 1, the number for confident leaders.

An absence of 3s, the number of expression and speech, reinforces that communication may not necessarily be a strong suit. The lack of 4s may call in to question issues with honesty.

Other than the Birth Month (11), reduced total of Birth Date, and his age (77), there are no signs of any other master numbers. This is not necessarily a bad thing, only indicative of someone who operates on a level of mediocrity rather than mastery when faced with higher levels of responsibility. It did seem to synch better with master numbers at age 66 being the 47th VP (4+7=11) to POTUS 44. Now, not so much. Otherwise, this numerical fingerprint remains unchanged from 2008 and identifies someone with low POTUS potential. He became the Democratic Party presumptive nominee on April 8 following the suspension of Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

This is part of a series entitled POTUS CODE: Election-Year Guide to Picking a President by the Numbers


Leading Democratic candidates appearing in some televised debates withdrew during the primaries, eventually endorsing Biden: Sanders, Warren, Gabbard, Bloomberg, Klobuchar, Buttigieg, Steyer, Patrick, Bennet, and Yang. SEE: POTUS POTENTIALS: Better Luck Next Time

Potential Biden Running-Mates SEE: POTUS POTENTIALS: Veep Time

Leading Third-Party candidates SEE: POTUS POTENTIALS: Third-Party Time

My reviews of the numerical fingerprints remain nonpartisan, unbiased, without regard to policies or personality. I could provide an analysis of what I think it means, but wish to avoid appearing critical, judgmental, or showing favoritism to influence one way or another. For your convenience, refer to common interpretations below, or seek out other sources. You may cross-reference any numbers you consider significant and arrive at your own conclusions.

For Reference

  • BIRTH DATE = Life Path to reveal opportunities, challenges, lessons
  • VOWELS = Heart’s Desire
  • CONSONANTS = Authentic Self
  • FIRST NAME = Personality
  • LAST NAME = Traits
  • FULL NAME TOTAL = Destiny or Expression
1confident leader
2cooperative diplomat
3expressive speaker
4honest worker
5freedom and change
6responsible humanitarian
7dignified educator
8ambitious executive
9compassionate philanthropist
11Signifies mastery over the physical plane, illumination, responsibility, mysticism, empathy, inspiration, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight. Some numerologists consider 11 to possess only negative characteristics, such as offensiveness and deviance. Chinese numerology relates 11 to the Tao, or the way of heaven. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 11 include: deception, delusion, instability, dishonesty, and confusion. Note that these numbers reduce to 11: 29 and 92, 38 and 83, 47 and 74, 56 and 65.
22Considered the “Master Architect” representing material mastery and the ability to manifest abstract ideas, innovation, intuition, detachment and objectivity, power, philanthropy and altruism, originality and invention, leadership and achievement. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 22 include: fanaticism, perversity, immorality and lawlessness, insensitivity, rebellion, cynicism, malevolence, destruction, cruelty, tyranny.
33Represents compassionate giving and selfless service to humanity, gentleness, and kindness. Negative traits include: callous, inhumane, selfish, malicious.
44In numerology, the number 44 often represents a confident leader, efficient, energetic, and ambitious. Negatively it can manifest as intolerance, abuse, self-destruction, and ignorance.
55Intelligent, skillful, talented, and active. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 55 include: foolish and slovenly.
66Cheerful and humorous. Negative: hateful, jealous, impatient.
77Charming, adventurous, clever, adaptable. Negative: perverse, self-indulgent.
88Successful, highly spiritual. Negative: dishonest, sarcastic, evil, ulterior motives.
99Generous, fulfilled, compassionate, loving, joyful. Negative: possessive, immoral, deceptive, unfulfilled, aimless.

A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9, J-10, K-11, L-12, M-13, N-14, O-15, P-16, Q-17, R-18, S-19, T-20, U-21, V-22, W-23, X-24, Y-25, Z-26

  • 1= A J S
  • 2 = B K T
  • 3 = C L U
  • 4 = D M V
  • 5 = E N W
  • 6 = F O X
  • 7 = G P Y
  • 8 = H Q Z
  • 9 = I R

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