POTUS CODE: Election-Year Guide to Picking a President by the Numbers

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A timely alternative to political rhetoric and corrosive commentary

When results of the US presidential election became known late on November 6, 2016, political scientists, pundits, pollsters, analysts, strategists, reporters, and journalists asked themselves how so many of them got it so wrong. 

The Answer is Simple: manipulated statistics and poll numbers with margins of error.

As the world awaits the presidential tweet of the day, voters in the United States contemplate the important decision of re-electing POTUS 45 or moving on to POTUS 46 to guide the country, and each of us, into the future. No news there.

The public has grown accustomed, if not numb, to a constant stream of numbers pertaining to presidential candidates in the form of poll numbers, statistics, likeability, fundraising totals, odds of winning, percentage of voters in favor or against, number of delegates, debate performance, and more. With few exceptions, these numbers can be manipulated and, with convenient margins of error +/-, allow for a wide range of interpretation. There is a better way.

Author Skot Jonz
Trained to recognize patterns and find things overlooked by others
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Instead of relying solely on poll numbers and favorability ratings from 24/7 media outlets, each with their own agenda and political bias, why not at least take a moment to consider more reliable numbers in the equation when choosing a president? 

A Refreshing Break from Fake News and Biased Journalism

The one thing we all have in common is a name and date of birth. Deciphering the numbers found in our birth date and the letters in our birth name reveals a numerical fingerprint unique to each individual, including presidents. Decipherment of this numerical fingerprint offers insight into leadership abilities, identifies strengths and weaknesses, life path, and karmic lessons.

To fully appreciate how we arrived at where we are today, it makes more sense when starting the journey at the beginning with POTUS 1.

George Washington forged more than a framework for a new nation, he designed a road map into the future. His interest in Freemasonry likely made him aware of the esoteric significance of numbers and their unique capability of transmitting information. He could only hope that his POTUS successors possess the knowledge, wisdom, and skills to interpret it, and navigate accordingly.

More importantly, would the citizenry through successive generations not fall asleep at the wheel, and pay attention to the signs? Would they also learn the secret code to identify presidential material?

As a courtesy to readers who may not want to read through hundreds of years of POTUS Past until we get to what you really want to know, we begin with the present POTUS prior to proceeding on to POTUS potentials. No endorsement or criticism of party, politics, or personality, simply the numerical fingerprint.

Before diving into all of that, readers unfamiliar with the concept of numerology may appreciate some quick historical information. Learn how to identify anyone’s numerical fingerprint. If you don’t trust my math, it’s so simple that anyone equipped with a calculator or pencil can do it and I will show you how.

An entertaining peek at numbers in popular culture, number nuances, and calendar curiosities adds relevance and significance for this point in history.


Get numbers on POTUS 45 never featured in the news. The numerical fingerprint of POTUS 45 may reveal the chances of re-election more accurately than polls and pundits. Although the incumbent is the presumptive nominee for his party, several Republican challengers do exist.


Examine numerical fingerprints of candidates for POTUS 46 to identify those who may have what it takes to be president. In the shadow of the Democratic Party debates and media coverage, the field narrows to the chosen few. Former Democratic candidates have suspended their campaigns, and the American Independent Party, Green Party, Peace and Freedom Party, and Libertarians go unnoticed. What do their numerical fingerprints reveal?

Could the person who becomes POTUS 46 be someone not even running for president? Could we be voting for POTUS 47 sooner than you think? 


Perhaps you desire to dive deeper and discover how we got to where we are today. If so, these posts will take you from POTUS 1 to POTUS 44. How many presidents changed their name to alter their numerical fingerprint? Which POTUS experienced a change in his date of birth, perhaps re-directing their Life Path?

Stop at key points along the parade of presidents with POTUS 11 (Polk), POTUS 22 (Cleveland), POTUS 33 (Truman), and POTUS 44 (Obama) to understand the relevance for the future of the country. If we are on the correct path as a nation, these presidents should exhibit numerical fingerprints reinforcing positive qualities of leadership and vision.

A closer look at the elections of POTUS 43 and POTUS 44, including the losers. Were there better choices? From a numerology perspective, the undeniable fact that the final POTUS Past was POTUS 44 signals that we live in interesting times. More interesting than you might think.

By the time we get back to where we started, one of the POTUS Potentials may become POTUS Present causing the current POTUS Present to become POTUS Past. Or POTUS Present remains POTUS Present. Expect an update as history unfolds.

Some people might believe that, somewhere along the line, the United States has taken a wrong turn, or is a rudderless ship lost at sea. If so, how do we survive and move past these chaotic times?

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Amid chaos, division, transition, and uncertainty afflicting the nation, more people paying attention to the signs increases our chances of staying on course and not getting lost. 

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This is part of a series entitled POTUS CODE: Election-Year Guide to Picking a President by the Numbers

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