Tiny Desert Flowers

With mandatory shelter in place as of Spring 2020, I stepped outside to check my mailbox. Several neighbors were busy spraying herbicide or on their knees pulling weeds. A recent rain caused a green patchwork to sprout up throughout the gravel pathway in my yard. With no sprayer and unable to leave my home to go shopping, I contemplated many days of weeding.

Upon closer examination, these “weeds” display tiny, elegant flowers with exquisite design and color. Nearly unnoticeable, I cannot take a step without crushing one of them. They resiliently bounce back, so I decided to not pull them out or spray herbicide and just let them be. With triple digit April temperatures on the way, their short life may soon be over.

Before they get crushed to death by me dragging the garden hose, I decided to take a few images. Not as easy as you might think, with these miniature masterpieces moving in the slightest breeze many shots came out blurry. Taken with Pixel 3XL. Some show a tape measure for reference as to size. Most smaller than 1/2 inch.

Click on any image for slideshow.


  1. Loved all of them, who woulda thing that sometimes we step on tiny but really beautiful flowers.
    The colorfulness of the images enhance the beauty of your great photography.
    Thumbs up!

    Liked by 1 person

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