POTUS 1: The One and Only

With the 2020 US Presidential election finally behind us, many people expected that chaos and uncertainty would ensue, no matter who won. However, the POTUS transition turned out to be more chaotic than anyone imagined. In normal times, the loser in a presidential election usually graciously concedes to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. These are not normal times by any means. Indeed, the international community looks on in shock and dismay at unfolding events questioning whether the United States has gone off the rails, while Americans are compared to a ship of fools lost at sea without direction. How did we get to this point?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Despite our strengths and accomplishments as a nation, the ongoing pandemic with rising death toll and no end in sight, social unrest, and economic uncertainty has rendered us weak and vulnerable. We appear divided and splintered with global adversaries eager to exploit, whether it be Russian hacking of government computer systems or Iranian threats of an attack. The presence of a new president is unlikely to resolve these issues anytime soon. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

As I have asserted for decades and in previous posts, the number synchronicity phenomenon appears most frequently during times of transition, chaos, and uncertainty. Most people would agree that we live in such times. The numbers demand our attention like a flashing neon sign. I predicted for quite some time, while not knowing if I would be alive to see it, that 2020 would be a tumultuous year. I now realize what an understatement that was.

As more than 150 million votes were being counted, the window of time between the 11th and 22nd days of the 11th month of 2020 brought only more uncertainty as POTUS 45 and his most loyal supporters made claims of voter fraud and sought to overturn results of the election, among other actions. 11-11-2020 to 11-22-2020: one doesn’t need to be a numerologist to take notice.

The uncertainty and chaos continued through the end of the year; a year that most people around the world were probably ready to see fade into history. The first week of 2021 witnessed events described as insurrection, sedition, anarchy, domestic terrorism, and an attempted coup with POTUS 45 supporters breaking into the Capitol Building as a joint session of Congress debated, counted, and certified the electoral votes. POTUS 45 is accused of inciting violence and encouraging the protesters. The the finger-pointing and blame began, followed by deaths and arrests.

Consequently, POTUS 45 faces the possibility of yet another impeachment, demands for immediate resignation, and the 25th Amendment action to remove him from office, with 11 days until Inauguration Day. In the wake of the assault on the Capitol, which resulted in numerous deaths, members of the Cabinet, aides, and administration officials are resigning. With the threat of removal from office and dissent among his own party, POTUS 45 finally conceded the election without mentioning Biden’s name, condemned the violence at the US Capitol, and promised a smooth transfer of power. He also announced that he does not plan to attend Biden’s inauguration, and is looking into the possibility of a presidential self-pardon.

In the context of the basic numerical cycle of 1 through 9, obviously 1 represents a beginning and 9 the end. The previous cycle ended with Lyndon Johnson, POTUS 36 (3+6=9), who assumed office upon the assassination of John F. Kennedy, POTUS 35. The current 1 through 9 cycle began with Richard Nixon, POTUS 37 (3+7=10=1+0=1), and we all know how that went. He resigned with Vice-President Ford becoming POTUS 38 (3+8=11). With POTUS 45 (4+5=9) leaving office we see the cycle ending as messy as it began. Meanwhile, we find ourselves in an awkward transition zone between cycles.

The inauguration of POTUS 46 on January 20, 2021 (1-20-2021), a date that reads the same forward and backwards, ushers in the beginning of the next cycle (4+6=10=1+0=1).

This cycle change from POTUS 45 to POTUS 46 falls neatly between two master number presidents (POTUS 44 and POTUS 47). With Joe Biden about to become POTUS 46, Vice-President Kamala Harris immediately holds the potential to become POTUS 47 (4+7=11) at any moment. This gap between master number presidents is the shortest until POTUS 55 and POTUS 56 (5+6=11) and POTUS 65 (6+5=11) and POTUS 66, both of which have no gap between master number presidents. Although these elections are many years away, evidence points to highly auspicious times for future generations to be vigilant and aware.

For those of us here and now, it may be relevant to pay attention to the cycle we’re in, how we got here, and implications for initiating the beginning of a new cycle. With the highest voter turnout since 1900, more than 66% of the eligible voting population have spoken. Voters ready to begin a new 1 through 9 cycle outnumbered those desiring to extend this cycle for four more years by about 7 million (approximately 5% of total votes). A new POTUS and a divided Congress must now lead a deeply divided nation into the future.

Proceed through the cycles of POTUS Past, we learn thatthe current 1 through 9 cycle is the only cycle to not witness the assassination or death of a president while in office. Perhaps because the current cycle began with a POTUS who resigned, a death or assassination may not occur in this cycle. I wish no harm to POTUS 45, but such an event could still occur until the cycle is complete. In a previous post of this series POTUS CODE: Election-Year Guide to Picking a President by the Numbers, I laid out how the nation is long overdue for an accelerated transition of leadership wherein we see a procession of presidents in a truncated time frame, shorter than the standard four-year cycles.

The unexpected death, assassination, resignation, or removal from office of POTUS 45 could still occur, resulting in Vice-President Pence becoming POTUS 46 for the few remaining days, earning him the title of shortest time served as POTUS. Such a scenario is detailed in POTUS POTENTIAL: Waiting in the West Wing Assuming no tragic ending for POTUS 45, a similar scenario is reviewed in POTUS POTENTIALS: Veep Time. President-elect Biden himself echoed the same in a September 23, 2020 Washington Times article Joe Biden: Kamala Harris ready to step in ‘if somebody pushed me off a roof or something’. Depending on whether Trump resigns or is removed from office, in a matter of weeks the nation could go from POTUS 45 to POTUS 48.

Such accelerated transitions in leadership have occurred in the past with some regularity. When reviewing the overall pattern, the timing for such a transition is likely to occur at this time in our history, whether that be with POTUS Present or the next POTUS. The reasons for this become clear if we take a look at how we got to where we are today. In doing so, we must begin at the beginning with the one and only POTUS 1, George Washington, who began the first cycle 231 years ago.

Before those of you with a distaste for history start yawning, and history buffs condemn lack of details, please know that this survey of key presidents from POTUS 1 to POTUS 44 reviews little more than their numerical fingerprints. Although major events during this time in US history are numerous and significant, I do not claim to be an historian, and details of politics or issues of the day are secondary and only mentioned when relevant.

In this and following posts, numerical fingerprints will be analyzed using the same methods as with POTUS Present and POTUS Potentials, which reveal how Trump and Biden, as well as Pence and Harris, possess presidential numbers and complement each other in their own way. POTUS Past will be reviewed in the context of the 1 through 9 cycles, identifying patterns where any master number POTUS falls within each cycle, and any POTUS who died or was assassinated while in office. These milestones will serve as checkpoints to gauge whether we are on the right track as a country, continuing the journey began by POTUS 1. We take this journey to see what patterns emerge and what those patterns might tell us about navigating this critical time in our nation’s history. 

Photo by Todd Trapani on Pexels.com

The first president or leader of any country embodies the characteristics of the number one, independence and leadership. There can be only one number one. One is the first, a leader who stands alone. It is the first number with which we start counting. Without the number 1 there would be no beginnings.  

George Washington knew about personal development and character building, as he was one of several presidents who were members of the fraternal order known as Freemasonry. Benjamin Franklin, one of the most brilliant figures in early American history, was initiated into Freemasonry the same month and year that Washington was born. Some members of Washington’s Cabinet such as James Monroe and Alexander Hamilton, as well as other succeeding presidents would also be practitioners of Freemasonry. These will be noted as we move forward in time. Abundant claims can be found that attribute sinister intentions to what is described as a secretive cult. To avoid this becoming an in-depth lesson in Freemasonry, briefly the organization has its roots in medieval England and Scotland of the 1400s in connection with stonemasons and the craft of building and construction. Common tools of the trade became symbols of the movement: the square and compass, plumb line, and trowel. As in stone masonry, Freemasonry recognizes distinct levels based on skill and experience from apprentice to master.

The principles applied to cutting and placing stones for constructing buildings are mirrored in building one’s life, from the foundation up. While the use of numbers in precise measurements is essential for proper construction, principles of sacred geometry were considered in the formation of a new country. Washington’s interest in Freemasonry likely made him aware of the esoteric significance of numbers and their unique ability of transmitting information, the power of sacred geometry and master numbers, and recognized the potential for mastery in himself. As the master mason knows when he passes his tools of the trade to the next generation, the apprentice must aspire to mastery.

So what does Washington’s numerical fingerprint reveal about his character and personality?

George Washington

DATE OF BIRTH: February 11, 1731 and February 22, 1732
  • 11+11+1+7+3+1 = 34/7
  • 11+11+1731 = 1753 = 1+7+5+3 = 16/7
  • 1731 = 12/3
  • 11+11+12 = 34/7
  • 11+11+3 = 25/7
  • 2+2+3 = 7
  • 2+22+1+7+3+2 = 37/10/1
  • 2+22+1732 = 1756 = 1+7+5+6 = 19/10/1
  • 1732 = 13/4
  • 2+22+13 = 37/10/1
  • 2+4+13 = 19/10/1
  • 2+4+4 = 10/1
  • 2+2+3 = 7
  • BIRTH DATE = 7 and 1
  • VOWELS = 50/5 (full); 32/5 (reduced)
  • CONSONANTS = 137/11 (full); 56/11 (reduced)
  • FIRST NAME = 57/12/3 (full); 39/12/3 (reduced)
  • MIDDLE NAME = none
  • LAST NAME = 130/4 (full); 49/13/4 (reduced)
  • FULL NAME (16 letters) = 187/16/7 (full); 16/7 (reduced)
  • MOST COMMON NUMBERS = four 5s, three 7s, two each of 1, 6, 9
  • LEAST COMMON OR MISSING NUMBERS = one each of 2 and 8, with 3s and 4s missing

When we look at Washington’s birthday very interesting things occur. George was born during the time when Britain still used the Julian calendar and recorded his birth on February 11, 1731 (11-11-1731). So, what happened? At the time, the first day of the year fell on March 25, causing February 11 to fall within the eleventh month of the year, not the second month. Interestingly, whether you add this original date of birth with February as the second month or the eleventh month, either way the result is a 7.

Upon conversion to the Gregorian calendar in 1752, January 1 became the first day of the year and birth dates were moved forward 11 days. An additional adjustment occurred for those born between January 1 and March 25, adding an additional year. In the process, Washington’s date of birth changed to February 22, 1732 (2-22-1732), with February now the second month of the year, not the eleventh. The day changed from the 11th to the 22nd and the year changed from 1731 to 1732. This changes the birth date total from 7, the number for a dignified educator to 1, the number for a confident leader. In either case, it’s an excellent sign. Here are some resources about these calendar changes:



With two master numbers in the original date of birth and one master number in the adjusted date, found in the nation’s first leader is a prime example of master number synchronicity and how it can be utilized to identify people, even as infants, who possess the potential of becoming great leaders. 

The other part of a numerical fingerprint includes substitution of numbers for the letters in a name. With George Washington, the most common numbers appear as four 5s (E, two Ns, W), recognized as the number of freedom and change; three 7s (Gs); and two 1s (A, S), 6s (Os), and 9s (I, R). Some of these are found elsewhere as VOWELS (5), FULL NAME (7), ORIGINAL BIRTH DATE (7), and CONVERTED BIRTH DATE (1).

The least common numbers show up as one each of 2 (T) and 8 (H), with 3s and 4s completely missing. These deficient numbers are found elsewhere as ORIGINAL BIRTH YEAR (3), CONVERTED BIRTH YEAR (4), ORIGINAL BIRTH MONTH (11/2), CONVERTED BIRTH MONTH (2), ORIGINAL BIRTH DAY (11/2), CONVERTED BIRTH MONTH (22/4). FIRST NAME (3), and LAST NAME (4). All of these weak numbers, except for 8, are greatly enhanced.

Master numbers found in the name include CONSONANTS (11). Another interesting thing occurs if you dig deeper. Determining the FULL NAME total can be arrived at by adding consonants and vowels, or first name and last name. In this case, original reduced value of VOWELS (32) and original reduced value of CONSONANTS (56) combine to equal 88. Likewise, the original reduced value for FIRST NAME (39) and original reduced value of LAST NAME (49) combine to equal 88. This hidden master number emphasizes his depth of mastery. Learn more about the numerology of the word master in my post HOCUS POCUS POTUS: Identifying the Numerical Fingerprint.

Washington was inaugurated at age 57 and in office from April 30 1789 to March 4, 1797. The new country was set on course during a complicated time in history by a true master, someone worthy of being forever known as POTUS 1. Only a couple of years after finishing his second term in office, Washington died 221 years ago on December 14, 1799.

With the passage of centuries, remnants of Washington remain firmly in our consciousness and culture with his face and name on our currency, buildings, schools, and streets. In March 2018, a nor’easter blew over several trees at Mount Vernon, including a Canadian hemlock planted by George Washington himself that was 227 years old. A dozen or so trees still standing at Mount Vernon were living or planted during Washington’s lifetime. More recently, part of Washington’s original Mount Vernon estate overlooking the Potomac River went on the market for $60 million. 

2020 saw the removal of offensive statues and modification of language related to the history of slavery and systemic racism. Some have called for the removal of Washington’s statues and renaming monuments, as it is no secret that he had many slaves. That was then, this is now.

Thanks to many medical and technological advancements since Washington’s time, the United States, indeed the world, is a very different place. If he were to be brought into the present day, he might be in shock simply from the planes, trains, and automobiles update. Then throw in a demo on electricity and light bulbs, television and streaming movies, wireless phones and digital cameras, credit cards, personal computers, the Internet and artificial intelligence, nuclear submarines, rocketry and space exploration, and he’d likely become catatonic. The geography and history webinars could very well send him over the edge.

More distressing for POTUS 1 than all of that could be the state of the divided union and the direction the country is headed. Would he smile knowing that more than 150 million Americans of many nationalities just voted to elect POTUS 46? Would he wonder what took so long to elect the first nonwhite female vice-president and possibly president? Without knowing the details of how it all transpired, would Washington see that the seeds of a nation he planted had grown into the magnificent multi-branched tree with fragrant flowers and delicious fruit greater than he could have imagined? Or would he be disappointed?

George Washington forged more than a framework for a new nation, he designed a road map into the future. He could only hope that his POTUS successors possess the knowledge, wisdom, and skills to interpret the map and navigate accordingly.

More importantly, would the citizenry through successive generations not fall asleep at the wheel, and pay attention to the signs? Would they learn the secret code to identify presidential material?

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Pexels.com

POTUS 2 John Adams (1797-1801), Federalist Party, had been Vice-President for POTUS 1.

1800 Census – U.S. population approximately 5 million

POTUS 3 Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809), two-term Democratic-Republican, had been Vice-President for POTUS 2.

POTUS 4 James Madison (1809-1817), two-term Democratic-Republican, had been Secretary of State under POTUS 3.

POTUS 5 James Monroe (1817-1825), two-term Democratic-Republican, had been Secretary of State under POTUS 4. Freemason.

POTUS 6 John Quincy Adams (1825-1829), Democratic-Republican, had been Secretary of State under POTUS 5. In later years, changed party to National Republican, Anti-Masonic, and Whig. First president to be photographed.

POTUS 7 Andrew Jackson (1829-1837), Democratic. Freemason.

POTUS 8 Martin Van Buren (1837-1841), Democratic, had been both Secretary of State and Vice-President of POTUS 7. First president to be born in the United States.

POTUS 9 William Henry Harrison (1841-1841), Whig. The first POTUS to die in office, of pneumonia. Shortest presidential terms of 31 days.

BOLD=Master Number
BOLD ITALIC+A=Assassination

This cycle lasted 52 years, and the US population grew from 5 million to 23 million.

In this 1 through 9 cycle, no master number POTUS appears. Although some of them may have master numbers in their numerical fingerprints, only master number POTUS will be reviewed. One POTUS died while in office at the end of this cycle, ushering in the beginning of a new cycle in an accelerated time frame.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

This is part of a series entitled POTUS CODE: Election-Year Guide to Picking a President by the Numbers


Continue the review of POTUS Past with POTUS 11: Oh-K Oh-K

My reviews of the numerical fingerprints remain nonpartisan, unbiased, without regard to policies or personality. I could provide an analysis of what I think it means, but wish to avoid appearing critical, judgmental, or showing favoritism to influence one way or another. For your convenience, refer to common interpretations below, or seek out other sources. You may cross-reference any numbers you consider significant and arrive at your own conclusions.

For Reference

  • BIRTH DATE = Life Path to reveal opportunities, challenges, lessons
  • VOWELS = Heart’s Desire
  • CONSONANTS = Authentic Self
  • FIRST NAME = Personality
  • LAST NAME = Traits
  • FULL NAME = Destiny or Expression
1confident leader
2cooperative diplomat
3expressive speaker
4honest worker
5freedom and change
6responsible humanitarian
7dignified educator
8ambitious executive
9compassionate philanthropist
11Signifies mastery over the physical plane, illumination, responsibility, mysticism, empathy, inspiration, psychic abilities, and spiritual insight. Some numerologists consider 11 to possess only negative characteristics, such as offensiveness and deviance. Chinese numerology relates 11 to the Tao, or the way of heaven. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 11 include: deception, delusion, instability, dishonesty, and confusion. Note that these numbers reduce to 11: 29 and 92, 38 and 83, 47 and 74, 56 and 65.
22Considered the “Master Architect” representing material mastery and the ability to manifest abstract ideas, innovation, intuition, detachment and objectivity, power, philanthropy and altruism, originality and invention, leadership and achievement. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 22 include: fanaticism, perversity, immorality and lawlessness, insensitivity, rebellion, cynicism, malevolence, destruction, cruelty, tyranny.
33Represents compassionate giving and selfless service to humanity, gentleness, and kindness. Negative traits include: callous, inhumane, selfish, malicious.
44In numerology, the number 44 often represents a confident leader, efficient, energetic, and ambitious. Negatively it can manifest as intolerance, abuse, self-destruction, and ignorance.
55Intelligent, skillful, talented, and active. Negative characteristics commonly attributed to 55 include: foolish and slovenly.
66Cheerful and humorous. Negative: hateful, jealous, impatient.
77Charming, adventurous, clever, adaptable. Negative: perverse, self-indulgent.
88Successful, highly spiritual. Negative: dishonest, sarcastic, evil, ulterior motives.
99Generous, fulfilled, compassionate, loving, joyful. Negative: possessive, immoral, deceptive, unfulfilled, aimless.

For more information about master numbers and the numerical fingerprint of the word master see post HOCUS POCUS POTUS: Identifying the Numerical Fingerprint

A-1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9, J-10, K-11, L-12, M-13, N-14, O-15, P-16, Q-17, R-18, S-19, T-20, U-21, V-22, W-23, X-24, Y-25, Z-26

  • 1= A J S
  • 2 = B K T
  • 3 = C L U
  • 4 = D M V
  • 5 = E N W
  • 6 = F O X
  • 7 = G P Y
  • 8 = H Q Z
  • 9 = I R


  1. Interesting analysis Skot; I found it quite informative.

    Taking a much broader overview, I wonder how many Americans would acknowledge 350 m Americans can’t get along anymore? It seems clear to me.

    Hows about a no fault divorce? I’ve studied a lot of plans for peaceful separation of states in the US.
    Recent bloodless reorganizations of national entities have succeeded (reuniting Germany, dissolving the USSR, forming the EU, Brexit.)
    Where’s our good old-fashioned American ingenuity? If it takes a constitutional amendment, are we concerned about altering that sacred cow? Our 1st Amendment isn’t allowing free speech right now. You can’t buy a gun, or carry the ones you own, and a mandatory buy-back is coming this month, but YAY 2nd amendment! Abortion is “constitutional.” We impeach our political enemies or attempt to remove them using the 14th or 25th amendment. You have freedom of assembly unless you want to attend THAT ralley.
    How’s that sacred cow workin’ out for ya?

    Let’s work on a secessation plan so the fighting can stop.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eileen, I appreciate you taking time to leave such a thoughtful comment. It does seem that this is a country inhabited by people with opposite ideologies, values, priorities, and goals for the future. Your suggestion of a bloodless divorce, with real-life examples, offers hope.


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